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Purple Worm

♦ Gosh, it’s been a while since I’ve participated in Toy With Me Tuesday, hasn’t it? I love good pictures of good sex toys and I have plenty lying around that I’d love to post as well as ideas for several more in my head. But I have, you may be surprised to learn, a relaxed schedule for this blog and whilst that includes minimum posts per time (ideally one a week, one a fortnight as an absolute low if I can’t help it), it also includes maximum posts per time. Whilst I don’t have a set number for this, I start to feel a little spammy if I post more than 2-3 times a week. I know I don’t have the time to read blog posts that regularly, so why should I assume that others do?

So I don’t join in every week, or even every other week, with memes because there are so many that I like that I’d soon end up with posts on Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday alone without even considering any of my posts that don’t fit into memes. And I certainly don’t want this blog to become just memes (not that there’s anything wrong with that). But I should start contributing more to them here and there, so here’s a little picture for TWMT.

Purple Wurm

I couldn’t call this anything other than “Purple Worm”. The Tantus Purr is almost segmented just like a worm, curves like a worm and its colour, Purple Haze, is undeniably in the lilac camp of Team Purple. Even the background is a purple glitter paradise and I love the contrast between the sharp, in focus glitter in the foreground and the blurry bokeh at the back.

Of course, as a massive geek, Purple Worm is a phrase that brings an entirely different image than this one to mind.

D&D Purple WormYes, rather than an incredibly good textured dildo that I for some reason compared to Rattata, the thing that leaps into my head (dear God, I hope not literally) is the 80 feet long, 40,000lb, entirely made-up Dungeons & Dragons monster. Does that seem like something I want to put near my vagina? Let me quote, “In battle, a purple worm forms into a coil 20 feet in diameter, biting and stinging anything within reach.” So… NOPE.

Luckily, while the D&D Purple Worm has an attack which swallows you whole, this purple worm is instead often subject to an attack that swallows it whole… Ladies. Dear God, why do they let me have a blog again? ♦

Toy with me Tuesday

To The Max

♦ Well, it’s been a hot, hot day, so what better way to cool off than to get wet? My Tantus Max O2 (which I reviewed here) certainly seems to be getting the treatment. I wish I was able to just jump into something cold and refreshing like that! Phew!

Wet Black Tantus Max O2

I think the Max looks gorgeous with the black and white effect and the casual droplets of water splashed onto it. I love this dildo, a favourite of mine from the always-excellent Tantus, though I admit it’s not necessarily an everyday kinda toy! But it’s so satisfying and the size really makes for a nice change and an intense sensation. Om nom nom.

Anyway, I hope you like the picture! What you would you choose to cool off with in this glorious weather? ♦

Toy with me Tuesday

State Alchemist

♦ OK, so if I had a Vixen Creations Mustang, this picture would be even better, what with the gloves in the picture belonging to a character called Mustang, but as it is, I still really love the Tantus Adam in this shot. Not the best shot in terms of technical quality, as it was taken on my phone, but you’ve got to admit that dildos and anime gloves are not a combination you see every Toy With Me Tuesday.

State Alchemist and Tantus Adam

Let me explain. There’s no other Godly reason for these toy things to be in a photo together other than I took this just after I got both of them and I was very, very happy with them both. I say “got”, I made those gloves. Or at least I bought some white gloves and drew the design onto them. The design is the one from Flame Alchemist Roy Mustang’s gloves in Fullmetal Alchemist, which is a really awesome anime series. And Roy is a really awesome, and very sexy, character too. He’s a State Alchemist, hence the title.

In fact, he’s the second character I have a crush on called Roy, which is a really unsexy name, I feel. If you’re wondering, the other is Roy Greenhilt from Order of the Stick. Yes, he’s a stick man and, yes, he’s still sexy.

Anyway, what’s also sexy is the Tantus Adam. It might be weird to say a dildo is sexy, as such, but have you seen this thing? It is beautiful. When I first got it out of the box I just gazed at it and turned it over in my hands. For a day or so, it was too gorgeous to fuck. I wanted to treat myself. When I did, it was glorious. It’s smooth and well-shaped and the O2 texture is wonderfully squishy-firm.

Many of the dildos I have are awesome or pretty or cool, but this is still one of the most actually beautiful dildos I own. And not because it’s rainbow polka-dotted or awesomely zombielicious or delicately blue-and-white. It’s simple, it probably shouldn’t amount to much in the looks department, but Tantus have got this thing down to a fine art.

An art like alchemy? Tenuous segue is tenuous! In any case, I took this photo a while back, but I hope you guys still like it! What TV series or film would you, oddly, pair up with what sex toy? ♦

Toy with me Tuesday

Love Without Your Heartbeat

Live without the sunlight
Love without your heartbeat
I, I can’t live within you

Nymphomaniac Ness told me some time ago that I should use this picture of the Phallix Glass Love Pacifier dildo for Toy With Me Tuesday and I figured what better time to honour her request than the first birthday of TWMT itself!

So, before I just go right ahead and tell you, can anyone tell me what the title of this post and the quote at the top are all about?

Phallix Glass Love Pacifier

I move the stars for no one.

If you said they’re quotes from Labyrinth, you’re right! If you specifically knew they’re from the song (“Within You”) that plays during the scene with the messed up, Escher-esque stairways, well that’s why I used those quotes for this picture.

The poster in the background of my picture isn’t from the Labyrinth and isn’t Escher either, but it’s very similar in style to them both: strange perspectives, non-Euclidean geometry, stairs that go to ceilings that are walls and floors…

I really wanted to emphasise the clear and reflective beauty of the glass of the Love Pacifier sex toy for this shot, so I placed it on a very clean mirror with the poster folded down to make a convincing fantasy landscape reflection as a background. I think it suits the Labyrinth and works quite well!

What do you think? ♦

Toy with me Tuesday

Collar Me

♦ There’s something about a collar. Restraint and ownership delicately balanced with a fizzing freedom. An intimate act displayed in public. Leather wrapped around your neck can bring feelings of danger and security all at once.

I’d wanted a collar for a long time. Now I own several. A black PVC one, a plain black leather one, a red rubber one, a black rubber one with a blue gem, two black leather ones with poppers that say SLUT and BAD KITTY respectively. But I’ve never really had anything that I consider “my collar”. I don’t want to be literally labelled “slut or “bad kitty” all the time, the plain one is the one I use on the men in my life and the other three are too impractical for most occasions.

I wanted something to be My Collar. Something high-quality, something beautiful.

Monochrome Leather Collar

Then I encountered Leather Delights at a kink fair. I ummed and ahhed over exactly which of their many, many gorgeous collars I wanted. Not too thin, not too thick, not too plain but not too over-the-top. Soon I was holding an incredibly sexy 1.5″ wide collar with a soft black lining and a lovely white outside.

It smelt intoxicatingly of leather. It was comfortable and fit well and, importantly, I loved the way it looked. White is by no means the usual choice for collar colour and it suited me.

But of course it did. Everything about it is searingly beautiful, don’t you think? ♦

Toy with me Tuesday

Why not see more of my erotic, nude and sex toy photography?

All’s Fair In Love…

Stronic Eins Nerf Vulcan - Toy With Me Tuesday

…and war.

♦ Oh, look! It’s the Fun Factory Stronic Eins on the base from one of my many, many Nerf guns. Specifically the base of the ridiculous Nerf Vulcan (or, as it’s mostly in this country, the Nerf Havok, for unknown reasons) with the ammo belt around it. That’s my black PVC corset forming a backdrop, with my steampunk goggles and dust mask adding some much-needed Industrial eyecandy. I upped the film-grain effect (click to embiggen for full glory) on this one too. I was going, as in some of the photos from the review, for a gritty, Rammstein-esque, machine-oil-and-bullet-casings sort of look. I hope that came across.

Sadly, I didn’t really get on with the Stronic Eins as a toy, myself. But I do still love its German styling and the almost mythic status it seems to have gained as a powerful toy. I think it’s a toy that really suited the gun emplacement theme of this picture, whether it makes me come like a train or not. I’ll likely still try to get rid of mine in a swap/sale or somesuch though. ♦

Toy with me Tuesday


♦ It’s dark out now when I come home. Soon, it will be dark when I leave in the “morning”. Winter is Coming and the air is getting chill. It feels like the end of the year is drawing close and night becomes a bigger part of our routine.

But it’s not all bad, of course. Night time has its own charms, not least of which are the stars wheeling overhead. I was once a country girl and could pick out individual distant suns each clear night. I had a favourite constellation and everything 1. I love the stars, the constellations and the vastness of space hanging above our heads.

I miss them sometimes, living in the city now. So this week for Toy With Me Tuesday I decided to use some new toys to create my own starscape in the blackness…

In this picture you can see:

1) At the back, Floggermeister‘s take on a Cuban quirt, which is made from a recycled tyre. It’s a wonderful, ethical toy which makes a hell of slap and sting. In fact, I’ve taken to calling mine the Lazy Twist because of the incredibly tiny amount of effort Crush has to put into it to get me to yelp and cry “Uncle”. (Not that my safeword is Uncle, but you get my drift) I think part of it is down to the fact that he makes it connect in a different place to where I did on my test run. Such an effective toy and so unique too. I love the recycled ingenuity.

2) Just under that, an uncoloured leather paddle from Leather Delights. As you’ll have seen me say before in a review for them, Leather Delights’ products smell amazing. I think they quite honestly dragged me out of the leather closet before I even knew I was in it. I bought this paddle because it’s simple and classic and felt like it’d suit me. I love the natural leather look and it feels great.

3) At the front, the main, ahem, star of the show, a suede flogger with a wooden handle, also from Leather Delights. I plan to do a colour photo of it soon, because it’s gorgeous in colour, but it was striking like this too! The falls are a royal blue and those little stars? Tiny, shiny holographic blue. So sparkly! I’ll be honest. I mostly bought it for the sparkly. But after using it, it’s definitely a new favourite too!

All these things (and more, in fact) were bought at my trip to Cardiff’s first fetish market O Cardiff! I’m currently writing a blog about it to be posted soon, because it was a great event. Fantastic day. So keep your eyes open for that. Anyway, quite enough rambling from me. You came here for the toy pictures. I just wanted to explain what they were since they’re not the off-the-shelf common garden variety! Hope you like my own little starscape. ♦

Toy with me Tuesday


  1. Orion, if you’re interested. Though I love the Seven Sisters and Cassiopeia too

Dildos & Dragons – The Barbarian

Toy with me Tuesday is about getting creative with your artistic side and taking pictures of your sex toy collection.

♦ The photo below is one I took a little while back for my review of the Tantus VIP Super Soft, a silicone dildo designed for both packing (wearing out and about to give the look of having a cock) and playing (fucking!). Since it was called the Super Soft, I really wanted to play up the soft side of it and give it a very luxurious, soft and sensual background.

A ferocious warrior who uses fury and instinct to bring down foes.

So, I picked up some furry items I had lying around and used those. The one more to the right is a fake fur shawl/scarf I picked up last Hallowe’en when I dressed up as Hel from Norse mythology/Dungeons & Dragons. The one more to the left is an actual real fur stole, which I know is contentious, but this thing has been dead over 75 years so owning him isn’t going to promote the fur trade and I figure if he’s already dead, I may as well treasure him and look after him. I’m not sure exactly what animal he is, but I call him Frederick and he only has one glass eye. One day I will make him an eyepatch.

Once I’d taken the photo, I realised how much it remind me of snowy tundra and thewy thighs. I like to imagine a magical carved phallus belonging to a barbarian king, breath vaporising from hot mouths in the icy air, naked bodies finding warmth on lavish piles of furs. Hence: The Barbarian.

Now I’ve thought of that I quite want to take a little series of dildo photos on that theme! You see, barbarian is one of the core character classes in D&D and I really think it’d be fun to take some photos based on some others. Warrior dildos? Mage dildos? Cleric dildos? God, I am a massive geek, aren’t I? :) ♦

Toy with me Tuesday

Alien Probe

♦ OK, so when I said on Twitter that I wasn’t going to post a Toy With Me Tuesday last week so that (among other things) I’d have time to take some fancy photos, I may have been being optimistic. I didn’t. But I didn’t because I spent all weekend coming up with a story for a zombie erotica anthology and starting to write it, so I think that’s pretty worthwhile.

So, yeah, today’s picture is a little last minute again. I apologise. I hope it still makes the grade though. Whilst I didn’t at all accomplish what I was trying to with this shot, I think it’s an interesting one. The toy looks cool in the light and I like the reflection of the camera from different angles. It makes the toy look sort of alien. I like to imagine I’m a reporter doing some snooping and I’ve found this weird probe thing while looking through government files, heh. What could this thing be?

Well, any ideas? Click to embiggen and for the answer (in your address bar). ♦

Toy with me Tuesday

Washing Day

♦ As I’ve mentioned, we moved house very recently. Just before we did, I figured it was a good time to have a clear out of all my sex toys, get rid of a few remaining awful things (you’ll hopefully see a post about that shortly) and have a good sort and clean of the awesome ones that were left.

So, I loaded up all my dildos into a canvas bag and traipsed them downstairs to my sink. It was the most fun washing-up I’ve ever done in my life. Genuinely. Here you can see some of the lovely dildos at rest, basking in the sun and slowly drying.

From left to right, top to bottom: the Tantus Acute, Tantus Max O2, Tantus Echo, Tantus Throb and Tantus Adam O2, Tantus Niagara O2 and then the Tantus VIP Super Soft and the Lovemoiselle Elodie. Crikey, I do actually own a ton of Tantus, don’t I? And yet not enough! Don’t worry, I do own other brands. Just not in such quantities.

Again taken with my phone, hopefully I’ll be back up to real-camera-speed by next week! ♦

Toy with me Tuesday