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Good news, everyone! Not only are you now reading this in Professor Farnsworth‘s voice, but also my computer is working again! You may not have realised that it wasn’t working, but of course it’s hard to tell you on here that I can’t really make any blog posts when I can’t really make any blog posts. Sure, technically I could blog from my phone, but ew, no.

Anyway, I’m back, though honestly still likely to be intermittent as this summer has really caught me in a hands-off sort of mood.

Although, that’s not always the case.

You see, at the weekend I went to the beach. There were a bunch of us, Crush included of course, and we had a great time being ridiculous and summery. We swam, we bought fish and chips, we doused ourselves in sun cream, we ribbed each other, we built sandcastles, we collected the world’s tiniest shells (that aren’t outright sand, clever clogs) and we dug a giant hole.

In the process of building said giant hole, I became absolutely head to toe covered in sand. There’s probably a fetish for that, because there’s a fetish for everything. In any case, there was no way I could get changed back into my clothes like that, so I headed for the waves for the third time that day.

This time, because it was getting late, none of my friends would come with me. Fine, I thought. I’ll enjoy myself anyway. The sunshine was starting to cool and the lifeguards (what luxury!) had just headed back indoors. The only people even in the sea besides me were paddling and that just doesn’t count.

At my depth, just deep enough that I could comfortably put my feet down if I wanted, I was alone. The people in the breaking waves were far away, the people on the beach even further. Suddenly, a naughty thought overcame me. No-one could see what I was up to. It’d be ages before I was back in the sea again and even then I wouldn’t be alone.

Fuck it, I thought, I’m trying a seawank.

Why not? A bit odd, maybe. The sea was cold and British and not the most romantic of notions. I’d come from a group of my friends and would be going back right after. People could see me, though not what I was up to with the water so dark and deep, and I could see people. But why not? It’d be interesting, exciting, adventurous, though probably not much of a success.

So I slipped my Special-K-red swimming costume aside and found my clitoris with my right hand, the other one keeping me vertically afloat and just bobbing off the bottom now and then. To onlookers, I was just having a very lazy swim.

As I say, it was cold, though it was the warmest water of the day. It was also unusual and even a little uncomfortable, so it took a little while to get my engines going, as it were. I could try and make it sound erotic (and in a way, it was). Heck, I’ve made zombie sex sound erotic, so I’m convinced I could do it. But, though there’s something erotic about daring and, even uncomfortable, adventure, it was more fun. Frivolous. A bit of (not so) innocent fun.

Why not wank in the sea? A guy might leave unwanted substances in the water for the other (zero) swimmers, but my juices would be there whether I was coming, ahem, or going. No harm done. I came to a satisfying, though not mindblowing, orgasm and I felt incredibly content with myself. Like a child with a secret. A secret they tell everyone on the Internet.

Once I’d adjusted my cozzie, I tipped myself back and floated for a while. With my friends around earlier there’d been too much horseplay just to float, eyes closed. I’d have ended up with a dunking or a face full of seaweed. But now I could float and slowly drift, with the sun beating through my closed eyelids, turning my world into one of peachy-yellow warmth and weightlessness.

I grew up by the sea and I’m too wise not to open my eyes every now and again and check I wasn’t drifting out, but in the minutes at a time that I floated there, I felt supremely peaceful. I felt my body stretch and relax and revelled in my senses much more than during the supposedly more sensual bit of self-pleasure. By the time I decided to come back to the shore, it was like a beautiful non-religious religious experience. I was appreciating life.

I came out of the water feeling powerful, free, peaceful. I wish I could say it was the seawank that did it, but I think it certainly helped set me up for it. The daring, the childish glee, that laid the basis. It’s something I’d never have done if I wasn’t sure I wouldn’t disturb anyone, but I’m glad I had the opportunity. I recommend it, if you’re careful and you go in with no expectations.

Plus, that’s another masturbation location to add to my (short) list. Dear diary, things I’ve done: had a wank in the sea. ♦

A Fan of Fans

Or, Sex While It Is Hot as Balls.

♦ The sunshine is glorious. Big blue skies with tiny candyfloss wisps of white cloud. The sunlight making colours vibrant and vivid. The UK is slowly turning into a continental country with the wide-open windows of bars opening onto outdoors tables with clientèle bedecked in sunglasses and florals.

I like the sunny weather of summer, I just can’t stand the heat that comes with it. And right now, there is a lot of heat that comes with it. Quite hot, and I’m down to strappy top and shorts. Very hot, and it’s a summer dress and no underwear. This hot, and I’m lying naked and sweaty on our bed.

You’d think that a permanently naked Blacksilk sprawled across Crush’s big bed would lead to a fair amount of sex. You’d be wrong if it weren’t for one thing and one thing alone: our fan.

I’m already too hot, and vigorous movement and the proximity of another boiling body is not going to help. It’s just too hot to have sex without it.

Furthermore, I just can’t come if I’m overheated. The run-up to a powerful orgasm like I’m used to is taxing enough as it is without the heat building in my body like a furnace. I’ll get closer and closer and hotter and hotter, until my engines just can’t take it any more and I back away, idling.

So thank fuck for our fan, because we wouldn’t be getting any fucks without it.

Rewind to yesterday, and the fan’s cooling blast sweeps the bedroom from side to side as we tangle on the bed. His body is over mine, his cock in my face and his lips on my thighs, fingers on my pussy. He is stroking and I am sucking. He kisses as I grasp.

It’s too hot still. His body is a roof over mine, a blanket, a stuffy quilt that I must throw off. I beg him to move and he responds by cocking one leg back over my body then dragging me into position like a stiff in a bag. I’m lethargic with the heat, but now there’s no Crush barring the fan’s airflow from my body. In fact, I’m at the end of the bed, face fan-wards, ass in the air, a sheen of moisture coating my body where skin often touches skin.

I spread my legs wider, allowing the tip of his cock to find the entrance of its sheath. With a little persuading, it plunges home. He takes me roughly, so roughly, and I am loving it. His thrusts teeter between pleasure and pain, my pelvis aching, my cunt adoring and abhorring the assault. I am gasping, heat and pleasure and pain and love and fury pouring from my open lips.

I’ve already come twice or thrice during our foreplay, so the fact that I’m not really going to now doesn’t bother me. It feels wonderful in a different way. A sort of constant pleasure that rumbles along just under the peak, a sort of undulation of ecstasy that never quite breaches the surface. It feels beautiful.

I’ve never been fucked so hard as that, I’m sure. At times I almost couldn’t take it, and those were perhaps the best of all. Face down in the mattress, ass displayed, eyes closed tight or else wide open with my neck craning to watch him pound me like I deserve. I made myself his object as I glimpsed his face crease, his neck tauten. As I heard him groan like a beast.

I slumped forward, cunt dripping, body aching and gleaming with sweat already cooling in the blast of the fan. Ah, the fan. I stayed like that for some time as he cleaned himself up and kissed me and dressed, prostrated in front of that fount of delicious coolness, thankful and messy.

In this heat, I’m so glad we own that fan. Because otherwise I’d be missing out on fucking fantastic sex like that. Excuse the pun. ♦

How are you coping with the weather? Is it affecting your sex drive or the type of sex you have?

To The Max

♦ Well, it’s been a hot, hot day, so what better way to cool off than to get wet? My Tantus Max O2 (which I reviewed here) certainly seems to be getting the treatment. I wish I was able to just jump into something cold and refreshing like that! Phew!

Wet Black Tantus Max O2

I think the Max looks gorgeous with the black and white effect and the casual droplets of water splashed onto it. I love this dildo, a favourite of mine from the always-excellent Tantus, though I admit it’s not necessarily an everyday kinda toy! But it’s so satisfying and the size really makes for a nice change and an intense sensation. Om nom nom.

Anyway, I hope you like the picture! What you would you choose to cool off with in this glorious weather? ♦

Toy with me Tuesday

Fractal’s Fantasies #3 – Summer Shower

♦ This is Fractal’s third in a series of posts of diary entries from the little book of fantasies that we keep. His earlier entries are:

‘X’ and Sexy-Grr!

And my series consists, so far, of:

Punishment in Black, Doctors and Nurses and Tease 

♦ I decided to make it up to you after my constant sexual teasing and I know exactly how to do it. We are alone in a secluded part of a forest. You are wearing simple summer clothes, perhaps a summer dress held onto your body only by the strings that are tied at the shoulders. The day is warm with light, summer showers expected later and a cooling breeze, not cold, blows gently through the trees.

When we reach a glade filled with flowers, I call out, gently, and you turn to smile at me, the glitter in your eyes revealing your dazzling beauty to me. As the sun’s rays shine through your hair, I run my hand down and kiss you. As I do this, I subtly undo the straps on your dress.

The dress falls around you to the ground and you feel the cooling breeze on your now naked skin. I kiss you deeply as my hands thrust up to fondle your breasts. Your hands are already busy removing my top and, after sating their desire to touch my skin, your fingers begin work on removing my trousers. I, on the other hand, feel my way down your back to your buttocks, my fingers tease along your anus before stroking your thighs.

When we are both fully naked, I pull you down with me to lie on the soft grass and rest you down, I pull the hair band from your hair and it lies beneath your head like a dark pillow. I kiss you again softly on the lips, then between the breasts then the navel and finally on the mound as I pull a flower from its bed. I break the petals off one by one and let them fall from my fingertips onto your body.

I repeat this over and over several times while telling you throughout how much you mean to me and how heavenly you are, stopping this to remind you I love you with my heart and soul. I whisper gently into your ear as I begin to pleasure your clitoris with my fingertips. You moan slightly and look at me with wide-eyed longing as your skin blushes slightly on your cheeks and you call my name gently through gasping breaths.

When you are ready, I slowly enter you and begin to thrust. We thrust our bodies together and we approach. Just as we do, you roll me onto my back and are atop me. You continue to push down and ride my sex as the gentle, cooling rain comes down, drenching us slowly. As we lie there, thrusting, the twigs and thorns on the ground scratch my back as they must have done yours, adding to the pleasure. I begin to pleasure your breasts, dampened with the summer rain.

As we are there, you lean back and rest your hands onto the ground with your vulva thrust forward, pushing down more and more, striving to have me deeper and deeper within you. I repeat over how much I love you as my hands slide down your breasts to your mound and stroke it firmly. Occasionally, I bring my fingers to rest on your clitoris as we thrust. Finally, we climax together and we stay there a moment, gazing at our wet bodies and into each other’s eyes. After a short while, we dry ourselves off and return home, having kept our clothes safe from the rain. ♦

♦ Fractal’s 4th fantasy diary post is called Tomboy and mine is here. ♦