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Very Short Stories – Prometheus

♦ You may remember I posted something recently about Very Short Stories, the idea of writing flash fiction that fits on one side of an ordinary Post-It note. I shared my first attempt, too, a bit of a silly-but-sexy piece inspired by coffee (but not written whilst drinking it).

Heck, it’s even caught on a little bit, with bloggers keen to try their own versions and with some, like my friend Innocent Loverboy, having finished their Very Short Stories already. If anyone else has done one, just let me know! I’d love to read it and to let people know about it here.

In any case, I thought it was high time I did another. Again, I’m showing you both the actual Post-It and then giving a transcription for accessibility purposes…


“You stumbled into my Friday night a repentant Prometheus, bringing fire back to my belly. You left the bar with my number and a taxi fare. By Monday you could mould me like clay, breathing life into my cock at a whisper from your lips. Thursday evening saw the perfect retribution, as I chained you spread-eagled to my bed. Your liver untouched, I gorged myself on your cunt.”

Again, not a perfect tale, but again un-edited (except a word or two as I was still writing) and teeny-tiny. This one is a mere 55 words compared to the previous 62. My prompt, if you hadn’t already guessed, was the name Prometheus. Although I was inspired by finding the name out of context, I love the myth and soon ideas and analogies came racing to mind.

I’m quite pleased, though I wonder if I might be trying to do too much in too small a space (that may sort of be the concept, I suppose) and it’s certainly good to try some straight-up erotica rather than last time’s playful pretend porn.

What do you think of it? ♦

Very Short Stories

♦ I popped into WH Smith’s recently to pick up a much needed new pencil case (my old one smells awfully of old curry, don’t ask) and some other stationery things. After all, with Eroticon 2014 coming up, I need to be kitted out to write, write, write (and not smell like old curry).

While there, I found a notebook that’s perfect for taking with me, as well as this interesting little thing…

Very Short Stories - Cover

It’s not, as it first appears, a notebook. It’s a tiny, adorable little pad of post-it notes. I just don’t need post-it notes in any way, but the cover of the pad caught my attention. “Very short stories,” it says. Sure, it goes on to say “about milk, cheese and bread”, but the idea of very short stories wouldn’t let go.

I didn’t need to actually write my shopping list, after all. And the pad was small enough to keep inside my new pencil case, meaning I could write any time. And the longer I stood there, the more I saw the little pad of “very short stories” as a challenge.

Dammit, I could write very short stories in it! I could! And they’d be sexy and tiny and I could make it work. And even if I couldn’t, the exercise was bound to be interesting, worth blogging and undoubtedly very useful for honing my skills at writing bigger, longer stories.

So I bought it. Today, a few days later, I decided to give it a go. I logged on to Twitter, determined to take the first word of inspiration that hit me. What follows is the result (in picture form for authenticity, then transcribed for accessibility). It took me about three minutes, from that first word I used as my muse to drawing the little diamond signature in the bottom.

Very Short Stories - The Coffee Story

“Alone together at last. The long day had led to aching anticipation for this moment. I licked my lips, savouring the view. Strong, dark, patiently waiting for me and covered in cream… I had fantasised about you, but now I worried you were too hot to handle. Taking the plunge, I took you in my hand… And drank you. Thank Christ for coffee.”

And there you have it. Perfect? No. Fantastic? No. But at a mere 62 words and in a mere 3 minutes or less on a theme chosen at random from a word found on Twitter and essentially unedited, I’m quite pleased with it. I’m certainly going to write more of these. It was a nice challenge to keep it ambiguous until the last (calling coffee “he” or “she” seemed disingenuous) and I like the playful idea.

Maybe the Very Short Story (flash fiction on teeny-tiny post-its) will catch on and bloggers and writers everywhere will join in! What do you think, could you write a story on a post-it note? And what are your thoughts on mine? ♦

Want to see the next Very Short Story of mine? It’s called Prometheus.

Aural Sex

♦ I’ve got a bit of a complicated relationship with the idea of performing anything I’ve written aloud. I used to be very good at elocution and Bible reading (how times have changed) when I was a child, but since then it’s been a bit downhill. I’m deeply aware that my accent is probably far more suited to auctioning traactorrrrrs than making anyone hard or wet and I’m also terrified. I get embarrassed and nervous-giggly at the idea of reading something I’ve written (that’s the key) aloud.

Heck, I even get nervous-giggly and embarrassed hearing something I’ve written read aloud. But, as I’ve learned, that one is in a good way.

Or it is when the delectable PlumptiousPea is involved.

If you haven’t heard of this lovely lady, your ears probably hate you. She has one of the sexiest voices there is. Your ears deserve her, so I suggest you go check her out. In fact, I may well have some suggestions… ;)

One of the first recordings Pea released on her SoundCloud was of perhaps my favourite poem I’ve yet written: Make Me. I think this poem speaks to directly to my cunt and heart more than any other I’ve written, so it was absolutely wonderful to hear it recorded so well and so sexily. PlumptiousPea’s breathy voice really brings it alive and I highly suggest you check out her recording here.

When she then asked to record perhaps my favourite story I’ve yet written, The Swinging Tree, resistance was futile. I knew she’d do a wonderful job and I was so excited and wriggly to think about hearing it spoken aloud. And she nailed it! She treated my little baby so well. Sexy, subtle and intimate. It was uploaded recently and if you haven’t had a chance to check it out part one is here and part two is here. She’s just getting confident with longer recordings, so be sure to lend your support.

I can’t possibly thank Pea enough for making these wonderful, sensual, decadent, sexy recordings of my little snippets of erotica, but I hope that sharing them with you all has gone some way towards that thanks. I love them and I think anyone who enjoys my erotica (or indeed anyone who enjoys aural sex) will love them too. They make me wriggly and happy and shy-in-a-good-way and proud as all get-out. Squee!

Anyway, I guess this post is just to say thanks to PlumptiousPea and to you to say: “Hey, look how fucking cool this thing is that happened! I’m so chuffed, check it out!”

So, yeah… check it out! ♦