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Nerding Out

♦ Have I mentioned how much I love phone cameras? Man, I love phone cameras. It’s amazing how you can get quite decent and quite sexy shots without needing, or certainly getting, professional quality. I don’t know about you, but I grew up with dial-up, so I’m used to my porn not being the most HD you can get.

Like my recent Very Short Stories, it’s all about fitting blogging in where I can at the moment. Time is at a premium.

Nerding Out

Nerding Out 2

In any case, here are some hopefully sexy, and yet everyday, photos of yours truly just nerding out. A geeky t-shirt and jeans is practically my uniform. Here it’s my Wolverine t-shirt, which was an awesome find in the men’s section of Primark. Oh, my do I love the men’s section. That’s where you find all the good geek stuff, because obviously women hate that shit. Duh. Wolverine isn’t my favourite X-Man (that’d be Gambit), but he’s still really cool, especially in his 90s cartoon incarnation.

Speaking of 90s cartoons, those are my Teenage Mutant Hero (because Brits are allergic to Ninjas) Turtles manpants. Another reason to love the men’s section of Primark, in fact. Manpants might not be sexy to some (I think they are, because yay androgyny), but they sure as hell are awesome and comfy.

Got a favourite X-Man or Turtle (mine’s Raphael, because I had/have a thing for arrogant hot heads)? I’d love to know which! ♦

Sinful Sunday

View From A Blowjob

I took a Sinful Sunday recently that mentioned how I’d gotten both tips and confidence from Molly’s Eroticon 2014 session about photography. I took that photo the very morning after her talk and put her words into practice. But I didn’t tell you yet how that very morning I’d also turned them completely on their head too. We were told, and rightly so, that shots from above down the body tend to be far more flattering than shots from below going up the body. As I say, she’s completely right, especially for curvy (and booby) specimens like myself.

It’s just with Crush it can be a completely different matter.

View From A Blowjob

Look at him. You could barely pinch an inch (except there, obviously), damn him. And I actually find that shots up his body tend to do a little better than shots down it. It’s that lack of wobbly bits, I think. Plus (although it’s not really shown in this picture), when his body is curved slightly, shots up his body show a lovely flex of muscles and tilt of stomach. It just goes to show, not that Molly was teaching it as a hard and fast rule anyway, that there’s an exception to every one.

When I took this picture, I’d just paused mid morning head. It was early on the Sunday of Eroticon and we had a little time to spare in our hotel room before I had to leave for the day. As if being in a hotel wasn’t luxury enough for him, Crush was spending his blowjob alternately moaning softly and playing the boardgame Dominion on his phone. Because who doesn’t deserve boardgames and blowjobs now and then? Sadly, I never quite managed to throw him off, but Sunday morning blowjobs tend to be a lazy affair. He finished the game in relative peace and pleasure before we moved on to some good, old-fashioned hotel room sex. Bliss.

Have you ever had boardgames and blowjobs? Perhaps Carcassonne and cunnilingus? Fluxx and fucks? I bet we’re not the only ones to add some sex to our gaming! ♦
Sinful Sunday

Eroticon 2014 – Saturday, Part 2

♦ After a busy morning, lunch was quickly eaten with friends old and new, tweets were duly caught up on and retweeted and then it was on to the afternoon. Much as I think the speakers are fantastic, there was no way I was going to the talk about sex and spirituality. As an atheist and as someone who tries to be rational, spirituality of any kind is just not something that applies to me. Even the closest I’ve got to writing about a sexual and spiritual experience was definitely not a spiritual experience.

Instead I headed over to the Photography workshop, which was being run by Molly after the original speaker had come up against urgent family problems. I have to say, I was very impressed by Molly’s ability to pull a very good session out of thin air!  Of course, when you know that much about your topic I suppose all you have to do is tell people it, but if you’d told me it had been planned all along, I wouldn’t have been surprised.

We got to see the impressive Lightroom program at work (I’m really going to have to get it), we learnt that essential self-photography items like tripods and triggers needn’t be expensive and I learnt perhaps my most valuable technical tip of the weekend: don’t upload photos bigger than 900 x 600 to WordPress and just use the WordPress photo percentages to resize them. Photos that big aren’t needed (for screen use, anyway) and using that method can make your site very slow indeed. It was sort of obvious once DomSigns said it, but it’d never occurred to me before and I do that all the time. Looks like I’m going to be going back through all my photos to resize them properly (and add watermarks) soon!

At the end of the session, Molly mentioned her photo idea of getting a bunch of attendees in a row, back to the camera and bare-arsed. The room figured now was as good a time as any to do it! I so, so, so nearly joined in, but nervousness just won out. It was a tough decision, on the one hand it would be an awesome, bond-forming and empowering thing to be part of and I’d get a great picture with me in for my efforts. On the other hand, I was shy and nervous and I felt it was a rare occasion that my arse looks good on camera. I didn’t want to hate the shot. Getting my bum out in a room full of people seemed scary but also thrilling, but there were so many people already volunteering and I took so long deciding that I chickened out despite geting myself 95% of the way to going “Fuck it!” and joining in.

It was probably a good decision, though, as I’d have had to have spent ages awkwardly easing up my tights way after everyone else had already re-robed and plus the final picture shows a lot more possibly-identifying clothes, body shape and back of head than I’d really be comfy with. Next year, though, if the opportunity arises, fuck it, I’m in. Someone make me if necessary.

The next session was a big toss up: do I indulge my tinkerer side and go for tech talk or my creative side and go for tension and conflict in erotica? Well, in the end I’d been to plenty of techy ones in previous years and conflict in writing is really something I’d like to get a better handle on, so I headed to Mirren Baxter and Judith Watts‘s Building tension: conflict and consent in erotic fiction.

I’m so glad I did, as it turned out to be my favourite session of the whole weekend. At first it was a little hard to see where the speakers were going. We were asked to list all of the reasons we could think of that someone, whether from this reality or another, might have sex. Here’s what we as a group got (click to embiggen):

Eroticon Conflict and Consent Reasons 1Eroticon Conflict and Consent Reasons 2

I managed almost twenty myself and felt like I’d pretty much exhausted the options, so it was amazing to see another 30 or so ideas pop out of other people’s heads.

The bulk of erotica, we were told, tends to unfortunately focus on only the first two of these reasons: love and lust. How boring! Here’s where the session started to turn, for me, revolutionary and yet so simple. Pick something else. Anything else! Any of these other reasons to have sex is much more interesting than love or lust in terms of narrative and any of these other reasons comes prepacked with conflict, whether it’s against the self, another character, society or nature. Just try it and you’ll agree. This is the wonderful method I learned for this session: pick a reason for a character to have sex, ask yourself “What type of conflict can arise from that reason? What stands in this character’s way?”. Boom, instant conflict, instant tension, instant narrative.

And that is what I absolutely loved about the session. So simple, but so inspiring, such a new way of looking at how to create a narrative. And so creative. That room was abuzz with energy, you could tell. I was so impressed that I went straight down to the Eroticon bookstore and picked up their Mirren and Judith’s book Get Started in Writing Erotic Fiction (also available for Kindle), because frankly if the rest of the book has even anything like that in it, it’ll be worth it.

Finally for the day, we headed in to watch A Place of Power – the exquisite grace of deep surrender, a demonstration of ecstatic BDSM by London Faerie and his partner Marti. I won’t go into too much as my clarity of detail fades the further from it I get and as I feel you really had to be there for it to have the same meaning. Faerie and Marti, though, are captivating, both as individuals and as couples. And their play together was beautiful to watch. Although I understood the significance of the head-shaving, it didn’t really resonate with me and left me a little cold, but the rest of the session certainly connected. I find myself jealous of their wonderful skill and connection in BDSM! The majority of the session was breathtaking, beautiful and even made me a little shy in places. I dearly wished I’d got a chance to talk to them after the day ended, but they were rightly very popular and I was feeling a little too nervous to approach. Next time!

Speaking of next time, do “tune in” then to hear a little about Saturday night and a lot about Sunday’s great sessions! ♦

Stark Contrast

♦This weekend I’ve been at the outstanding Eroticon 2014. Absolutely outstanding, in fact. There will be plenty more blog posts on the subject as I start processing the weekend and regaining energy. For now, it’s Sinful Sunday and I’m dying to put some of the things I learnt and the inspiration I got in Molly’s Saturday session on photography into practice.

Plus, I always like to take a dirty picture or two on the Eroticon weekend anyway, just because.


Be brave, try things out. That was key thing I picked up not just from that session, but from the whole weekend. Sometimes I’m reluctant to take dirty pictures because I’m not naturally photogenic and I don’t think I’ll look all that good. But the whole thing inspired me to be bold and be true. Be honest.

So I gave it a go and, especially given this was the only shot of me I hastily took this morning, I’m proud of myself! I managed to pick my spot and get a mixture of stark contrast (see what I did there?) and diffuse hints of light elsewhere.

And I love how you can see just a glimpse of my Iron Man (there’s a hint) manpants and naked body in clarity. Geeky enough for you?

Now all I have to do is apply the tips from Eroticon and the confidence from this shot to my proper camera and see what I can do! ♦


Tools of the Trade

♦ Today, Crush and I had a lot of fun. I’m not going to go into a lot of details, I think I might leave those to your imagination. But what I will show you this Sinful Sunday are the tools of the trade I used to inflict such deliciousness on both him and myself. The black handcuffs (very similar to these) were there to restrain him, the key to set him free. The ceramic dildo, the Lovemoiselle Aveline which you can see covered in my slickness here, was used on myself to great effect. It’s such a fantastic dildo and I’m always impressed at the sheer speed with which it gets me off. I teased Crush by using it on myself while all he could do was lie there tied up and pawing at my nipples.

Tools of the Trade: handcuffs and ceramic dildo

I used the Tantus C-ring cock ring (in gorgeous cherry) over his cock, more to pull him about than to really keep him hard and begging as he was already very good at both of those. The Leather Delights soft ballgag was placed gently in his mouth under my full-face hood (not shown), which was used with a blindfold to keep Crush in the dark while I tormented him. As for my very favourite vibrator, the We-Vibe Tango, well, Crush again got to hear me moan and come, both with and without his hungry, lustful input.

Tools of the Trade: ball gag, vibrator and cock ring

I also used various other, not-pictured sensation tools such as a feather stick, a strip of vintage fur, my seven-pinwheel Wartenberg wheel, the edge of a credit card to give him various sensations all over his filthy, sexy body while he was at my mercy. Not only that, but I even managed to give my new Tantus Cush a trial-run to kickstart my testing of it for an upcoming review, so the session was practical as well as just absolutely orgasmically erotic.

I teased him, tortured him, told him what to do, denied him my body, made him beg, made him plead, made him fuck me until I was done. I ordered him around and we both loved it. The tools of the trade pictured here were all immensely helpful in achieving what I wanted, but I think that what really made it all work is that deep inside this sub, there is a dom waiting to get out. And deep inside Crush’s dom heart there is a sub who likes, if not pain and punishment like I do, then being told what to do and not always getting what he wants. The tools of the trade give me, well, the tools, but it’s me that has the power, not my equipment.

What are your favourite tools of the trade? Which do you love most to use on someone or have used on you? Would you feel complete without them? ♦

Sinful Sunday

Collar Me

♦ There’s something about a collar. Restraint and ownership delicately balanced with a fizzing freedom. An intimate act displayed in public. Leather wrapped around your neck can bring feelings of danger and security all at once.

I’d wanted a collar for a long time. Now I own several. A black PVC one, a plain black leather one, a red rubber one, a black rubber one with a blue gem, two black leather ones with poppers that say SLUT and BAD KITTY respectively. But I’ve never really had anything that I consider “my collar”. I don’t want to be literally labelled “slut or “bad kitty” all the time, the plain one is the one I use on the men in my life and the other three are too impractical for most occasions.

I wanted something to be My Collar. Something high-quality, something beautiful.

Monochrome Leather Collar

Then I encountered Leather Delights at a kink fair. I ummed and ahhed over exactly which of their many, many gorgeous collars I wanted. Not too thin, not too thick, not too plain but not too over-the-top. Soon I was holding an incredibly sexy 1.5″ wide collar with a soft black lining and a lovely white outside.

It smelt intoxicatingly of leather. It was comfortable and fit well and, importantly, I loved the way it looked. White is by no means the usual choice for collar colour and it suited me.

But of course it did. Everything about it is searingly beautiful, don’t you think? ♦

Toy with me Tuesday

Why not see more of my erotic, nude and sex toy photography?

Wax Dummy

♦ Just a few weeks back, I did a review of basically some blimmin’ ordinary candles, otherwise known as the Fetish Fantasy Sensual Hot Wax kit. They were, for all intents and purposes, just ordinary candles. But it did mean I got a nice excuse to play with some wax for once.

We don’t do wax play often, I admit. It’s a bit of effort to protect the sheets and so forth and to clean up afterwards. We can be lazy. So this was a nice treat.

Crush soon became quite expert at guiding the drip, drip, drip of the melting candle to the sweet spots of my waiting skin. I love the feel of it. The hot, wet splat that quickly cools opaque and starts to form a layer with a passing resemblance to something chitinous and alien. The fleeting pain turned to a gentle warmth. The dancing flame.

Wax Dummy BDSM

He targeted thighs and arms and stomach and breasts. I gasped. I wriggled. I gloried at heat turned to heaven on my skin. Hours after scraping and plucking all that off, I took matters into my own hands.

Drip, drip, drip.

And above is what I created. Glob upon glob of wax, splat upon splat of delight. Rivulets of heated candle running down the curve of my flesh and cooling into ridges and ravines. An arm that looks exotic and ugly and beautiful. A snowscape. A wax dummy. ♦


Slick Ceramic

Sinful Sunday is all about the image, this we know. But as Molly‘s often said, to paraphrase, that doesn’t mean you always have to get your bits out. This week, I think I’ve got an image that does subtle but sexy but slutty but sophisticated at the same time, I hope. And I haven’t got my bits out. I’ve just got a little evidence left over that I’ve got them out previously…

Slick Ceramic

Those are my legs and a hint of foot. Not a great deal of skin, you’ll agree, and not so titillating, perhaps, as other parts.

That’s my Lovemoiselle Aveline ceramic dildo. A beautiful, and fantastic-feeling thing that, when not in monochrome, is pure white with a delicate blue flower. The ultimate debasement and transformation of the pretty blue-and-white china plates of my mother.

And on the crisp, clean white of the ceramic? That, my dear, is my come. The slickness of my just-finished fuckfest-for-one. Spattered like single cream on the best dairy jug.

You don’t see much of me, but this picture feels dirty to me all the same. Dirty in a beautiful way, but dirty. For quite a while I wasn’t sure about showing it at all. Were my bodily fluids a step too far? Maybe despite the elegant black and white, you find this lurid, obscene, filth. Maybe it’s as dainty as a china flower. Tame like crockery.

However you find it, I’ve enjoyed showing so much of myself and so little all at once. An anonymising shot, and yet so intimate. Civil, but primal. A little pictorial dichotomy. And I like that. ♦


Zombie Nation

♦ I don’t have a zombie fetish. Gosh, that’s a sentence I should probably never have to write, isn’t it? But with my recent drawing of a sexy pin-up zombie that I showed you and the fact that I’ve written a story in an anthology of zombie erotica, you might be forgiven for thinking that I’ve an infatuation with the Infected.

And, OK, you’ve got me, I like zombies a lot. Just not like that.

I tried to fathom the sexy aspects of the living dead when I was brainstorming ideas for the aforementioned zombie-porn story. I came up with a few little titbits I could cling to as erotic features of a zombie – their feral side, their untiring nature, their relentlessness – but ultimately I couldn’t really find them a personal turn-on, even if I thought about it. I resolved to include actual sex with an actual zombie (though mine is infected rather than undead) in my story nonetheless, for the sheer challenge. As I said in my “story behind the story” post for editor Sommer Marsden, if I can make shagging a corpse fucking hot, I can make anything fucking hot.

Why am I reiterating my strictly-platonic-and-nothing-else interest to zombies now? Well, I just feel like you should know I don’t get off on risen-again corpses before you see my Toy With Me Tuesday this week…

The Fleshlight Freaks Zombie dildo and zombie paraphernalia!

I have loved the Fleshlight Freaks range of dildos (and male masturbators, penis owners!) since I first saw them. One day, I think I’ll write an entire post on them in ode to how fucking great they are, but I’ll sum it up here: they’re so well made, so detailed, so not pink and so goddamn unusual! It’s so bloody unusual to see horror and pop culture brought into women’s sex toys (I think less so for men’s, but I may be wrong). It’s so great to see something beautifully grotesque and truly different as opposed to childish or cutesy-poo or inoffensive or sleek or glam or “feminine”.

I knew I had to get myself one if I could, so when my zombie story actually got published in Hungry for Love, I treated myself to a Fleshlights Freaks Zombie cock in self-congratulation. The risk was zombies and the reward was zombies.

The Fleshlight Freaks Zombie dildo and a Shottle Bop zombie necklace

And look at it. Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous? It’s so fantastic and that’s before you even put it in you.

I figured I’d take a couple of photos of my new zombie cock and pretty much the rest of my zombie paraphernalia. In these shots you can see the Fleshlights Freaks Zombie dildo itself, a Left4Dead poster (for the No Mercy level, I have the Death Toll poster too but a friend pinched the other two. I bloody love L4D and L4D2), the Coming Together: Hungry for Love zombie anthology mentioned above, the novel World War Z, a non-fiction book called Zombies: A Field Guide to the Living Dead (which I picked up in researching – ultimately unused – ideas for my story), my zombie heart ring from Bete Noire Jewellery and my Zombie Gone necklace from Shottle Bop.

I went for a bit of a garish, B-movie feel to the colouring of the photos and added some grain and video-lines to make it more schlocky and zombtastic. Oh, and the title references this song. So, what do you reckon to my new bit of dead dick? ♦

Toy with me Tuesday


♦ I’ve always known I was a fantasy geek. I have a massive hard-on for swords and the fantasy genre is something I’ve grown up with. I’ve always appreciated sci-fi, but even though I love lasers and science and space, I wouldn’t identify particularly as a sci-fi geek (because that geekdom goes deeper than I can claim to have travelled). I’m not a horror fan as such, because whilst scary films are fine, I am an awful wimp when it comes to scary games 1.

Steampunk, however, is a bit of a newer genre, at least when it comes to being widely recognised. But it turns out I was a fan before I even knew what it was. Steam machines? Hell, yes. Corsetry? Damned sexy. Waistcoats? Like lingerie for men. Pocket watches? The height of cool. Cogs? Pretty! Dirigibles? Awesome!

I’ve slowly oozed into becoming a steampunk lover, it seems. The incredibly good Carnal Machines steampunk erotica anthology (which I’m considering doing a short review for) definitely didn’t help. When I saw this gorgeous corset on sale, I had to have it. Click the link, it’s worth it. The thing is beautiful.

So I bought it and soon, thank God, the perfect event came along for me to wear it. An Erotic Meet party. I pulled on a wench-tastic white blouse and laced my corset tightly over the top. I added my bronze pocket watch and my bronze Triceratops necklace. On my bottom half I started with nude hosiery, then black cotton bloomers, Victorian boots and a long black skirt hoicked up at the front to show off my legs. On my head, a top hat and, of course, goggles. I have to say, I think I looked pretty hot as a steampunkstress.

Here’s a snapshot I took, what do you think..? ♦




  1. Limbo was surprisingly doable, but the Ocean House Hotel level of Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines can fuck right off. Don’t even start me on Amnesia: the Dark Descent. No, really, don’t.