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Very Short Stories – The Quoit

♦ It’s been a little while since we’ve had any Very Short Stories. Not content with the three linked just there, I’ve written another. And I’m not the only one! Please do check out these Very Short Stories by F Leonora Solomon, Cammies on the Floor and Adriana. They’re great!

If you’re still not sure how to get involved yourself, it’s easy: find a word or two (or really anything) to use as a prompt, get inspired, then write a teeny-tiny story on only one side of a post-it note. Hotel stationery works well too! When you’re done, let me know where it is so I can link to you. A link back would be nice too.

And write as many as you like! I find these a great little exercise to get your creative juices dripping or to just let out some writing in a way you perhaps don’t always have time for. I’ve even written one of these on public transport.

Anyway, here’s my latest:

Very Short Stories - The Quoit

“Down by the quoit we met and fucked. Your eyes, pricked by pollen, streamed as you came. Shallow white scrapes furrowed my shoulder blades; the granite had held me as hard as you had. That Indian summer couldn’t last. But I still carry the sound of still air peppered by your grunts, the thrill of something so vital perched panting on the dry rocks of the dead, the pressed gorse in my wallet from your hastily gathered bouquet.”

For those of you who don’t know what a quoit is, you may know them better by the name dolmen. Where I’m from, we call them quoits. In any case, they’re (mostly) neolithic tombs made from big-ass rocks. They’re pretty cool and we have quite a few notable ones in Cornwall.

Today’s Very Short Story is, I have to say, rather Cornish-tinged. Quoits, granite in general, gorse, all are vivid parts of my background, though I sadly never had sex up against one. I suppose there’s still time?

In any case, given that today is the day that we the Cornish have finally been recognised as a national minority group (for which I’m ecstatic) with the same rights and protections as the Welsh, Irish and Scots, I thought a bit of nostalgia for the land of my fathers (bro goth agan tasow) was apt. I hope you enjoyed it!

What would a Very Short Story tinged with your cultural heritage be like? I’d love to see some! ♦

Make Me

♦ I wrote this yesterday in a sleep-starved buzz of ideas on a sunlit train back from the North. I hope you like it, because it makes me seriously goddamn wet… ♦

By the stream that was once a river there is a dell where you will find me.

Where you will find me and make me…

And make me…

I will bite down on a fallen branch and press my face into the moss
and you will take me.

And the bark in my hair and the bites on my skin will be reminders.

And the scrapes on my knees and the welts on my thighs
will be my trophies.

The air will hum with screams that break through silence
and the minutes will last for years.

The sun will beat down as you beat down and I…

I will exult in having you make me.

TMI Tuesday – Naked

♦ I thought I’d give TMI Tuesday a go this week as it’s a sex-blog kinda topic that isn’t too out of place here and has some interesting questions. ♦

1. What do you wear to sleep in?
As often as possible, absolutely nothing. Not one scrap unless I have to thanks to company or temperature. Sleeping naked is a wonderful feeling and makes being wrapped up in bed with my Crush all the better and hotter.

When it gets too cold I have a favourite pair of pyjama bottoms and tend to add a geeky t-shirt. I once had to resort to (under a duvet and all my blankets) knickers, pyjama bottoms, tracksuit bottoms, two pairs of fluffy socks, slippers, a t-shirt, my uni hoodie, a hat and a dressing gown. That was a weirdly cold winter.

2. Do you ever walk around your own place naked?
If I can, as often as possible again. I used to live in a flat with just myself and Fractal, later myself and Crush. That was great. My clothes were off as soon as I got in the door every day. I love being naked when it’s warm enough.
Now I live in a house with Crush and some friends so wandering around naked isn’t possible outside of my room. And even when I’m in my room it means I need to close my door, which is annoying.

3. Have you or would you ever answer the door naked?
I never have and I can’t really see why I would unless maybe I was certain it’d be Crush and no-one else was around. Being naked is fun, but answering the door that way is just awkward and embarrassing.

4. What part of your body do you like to be on show? Why?
I’m a sucker for my own cleavage. I’m well aware that, especially since I’m overweight, my boobage is one of my best features. Sometimes I get distracted by them myself. The rest of me, I’m not so keen on. My eyes are great, if I do say so myself, actually, but then there’s very few ways for them not to be on show.

5. When sunbathing how much do you bare?
I don’t sunbathe. Come on, you’ve seen pictures, do I look like I sunbathe? If I did, naked would be fun, though a nightmare to cover with suncream, I imagine. The feeling of the sun on naked skin is lovely though.

6. Have you or would you bare all on a naturist (nude) beach?
I haven’t, but I would. That’s sort of the point. A few of my friends have started our own life drawing group, incidentally, so it looks like I’ll be getting naked for that one day soon, if my nerves hold.

7. Have you ever flashed your bits in public? If not would you if it turned your partner on?
I haven’t. I’d flash my bits at anyone willing to be flashed at, probably, but not at unwilling or unsuspecting people, that’s just rude. I played strip poker at a New Year’s party once but only got down to no top before we all got chucked out of the host’s house since it was so late.

8. Have you ever given a striptease or has anyone given you one? Did you enjoy it?
Both given and received. Yes, I enjoyed both. Both partners I’ve had so far in life have been keen on seeing me strip and I enjoy putting on a little show now and again. Watching men strip is somewhat less natural than women (it’s to do with the slink and allure of it being more suited to girls), but still hot.

9. Ever gone skinny dipping? Alone or with others?
Never. Never had the opportunity. It sounds like fun though.

10. Do you like to look at naked people or do you want show off your nakedness?
Naked people are awesome. Sexy naked people are properly awesome, but even non-sexy naked people are kinda fascinating. I have tons upon tons of images on my computer of hot naked people. Porn is great, even if no-one is doing anything in it.

As for whether I like to show off my nakedness. Why, yes, I do.

Bonus: Sexually speaking, what’s the furthest you would go with a partner in public? Have you had sex in public?
It depends what we mean here by “in public”. In a place where people might feasibly see, I would probably go the whole way if the situation was right and I thought authority figures wouldn’t get us. In a place where there are people seeing right now, not so much unless it was the right sort of environment for it like a swingers’ club or something similar.

Essentially, it’s the same sort of thing as before, I would have sex or whatever where people were there wanting to see people have sex or expecting to (like a sex club) but not where there were ordinary bystanders who you couldn’t know if they’d enjoy it. Having sex in front of eager viewers sounds hot, having sex in front of confused randoms is weird.

As for if I’ve had sex in public. I’ve given a blowjob in a public place and I’ve had sex in somewhere not technically public but not actually private. I’ll have to tell you about them sometime soon.

Feast Your Eyes – Spring

♦ Spring is sprung (kinda), ladies and gents! Easter brought delicious chocolatey chocolateness and a mild rash of daffodils and the weather has even vaguely managed to catch up today! I came home through a very pleasant afternoon of blue skies, small white clouds, warm sun and a kind breeze. I even took off my jacket.

So, looks like it’ll soon be time for us to all start to wear a lot less clothes (especially around the house), have nice bright sunny morning sex, share a beautiful day in the park with our significants, start using ice as a proper sex toy again, plan a likely overrated but romantic picnic and, if we’re very lucky, maybe even catch the opportunity for a bit of passion al fresco…

With that in mind, here’s a Feast Your Eyes to get you in the mood for spring… ♦

Fractal’s Fantasies #3 – Summer Shower

♦ This is Fractal’s third in a series of posts of diary entries from the little book of fantasies that we keep. His earlier entries are:

‘X’ and Sexy-Grr!

And my series consists, so far, of:

Punishment in Black, Doctors and Nurses and Tease 

♦ I decided to make it up to you after my constant sexual teasing and I know exactly how to do it. We are alone in a secluded part of a forest. You are wearing simple summer clothes, perhaps a summer dress held onto your body only by the strings that are tied at the shoulders. The day is warm with light, summer showers expected later and a cooling breeze, not cold, blows gently through the trees.

When we reach a glade filled with flowers, I call out, gently, and you turn to smile at me, the glitter in your eyes revealing your dazzling beauty to me. As the sun’s rays shine through your hair, I run my hand down and kiss you. As I do this, I subtly undo the straps on your dress.

The dress falls around you to the ground and you feel the cooling breeze on your now naked skin. I kiss you deeply as my hands thrust up to fondle your breasts. Your hands are already busy removing my top and, after sating their desire to touch my skin, your fingers begin work on removing my trousers. I, on the other hand, feel my way down your back to your buttocks, my fingers tease along your anus before stroking your thighs.

When we are both fully naked, I pull you down with me to lie on the soft grass and rest you down, I pull the hair band from your hair and it lies beneath your head like a dark pillow. I kiss you again softly on the lips, then between the breasts then the navel and finally on the mound as I pull a flower from its bed. I break the petals off one by one and let them fall from my fingertips onto your body.

I repeat this over and over several times while telling you throughout how much you mean to me and how heavenly you are, stopping this to remind you I love you with my heart and soul. I whisper gently into your ear as I begin to pleasure your clitoris with my fingertips. You moan slightly and look at me with wide-eyed longing as your skin blushes slightly on your cheeks and you call my name gently through gasping breaths.

When you are ready, I slowly enter you and begin to thrust. We thrust our bodies together and we approach. Just as we do, you roll me onto my back and are atop me. You continue to push down and ride my sex as the gentle, cooling rain comes down, drenching us slowly. As we lie there, thrusting, the twigs and thorns on the ground scratch my back as they must have done yours, adding to the pleasure. I begin to pleasure your breasts, dampened with the summer rain.

As we are there, you lean back and rest your hands onto the ground with your vulva thrust forward, pushing down more and more, striving to have me deeper and deeper within you. I repeat over how much I love you as my hands slide down your breasts to your mound and stroke it firmly. Occasionally, I bring my fingers to rest on your clitoris as we thrust. Finally, we climax together and we stay there a moment, gazing at our wet bodies and into each other’s eyes. After a short while, we dry ourselves off and return home, having kept our clothes safe from the rain. ♦

♦ Fractal’s 4th fantasy diary post is called Tomboy and mine is here. ♦