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Nerding Out

♦ Have I mentioned how much I love phone cameras? Man, I love phone cameras. It’s amazing how you can get quite decent and quite sexy shots without needing, or certainly getting, professional quality. I don’t know about you, but I grew up with dial-up, so I’m used to my porn not being the most HD you can get.

Like my recent Very Short Stories, it’s all about fitting blogging in where I can at the moment. Time is at a premium.

Nerding Out

Nerding Out 2

In any case, here are some hopefully sexy, and yet everyday, photos of yours truly just nerding out. A geeky t-shirt and jeans is practically my uniform. Here it’s my Wolverine t-shirt, which was an awesome find in the men’s section of Primark. Oh, my do I love the men’s section. That’s where you find all the good geek stuff, because obviously women hate that shit. Duh. Wolverine isn’t my favourite X-Man (that’d be Gambit), but he’s still really cool, especially in his 90s cartoon incarnation.

Speaking of 90s cartoons, those are my Teenage Mutant Hero (because Brits are allergic to Ninjas) Turtles manpants. Another reason to love the men’s section of Primark, in fact. Manpants might not be sexy to some (I think they are, because yay androgyny), but they sure as hell are awesome and comfy.

Got a favourite X-Man or Turtle (mine’s Raphael, because I had/have a thing for arrogant hot heads)? I’d love to know which! ♦

Sinful Sunday

Sinful Santa

♦ Merry Christmas and a very happy New year to you, reader! I hope you don’t mind the slightly delayed greeting, but it’s been a busy holiday period of mince pies, stolen kisses, cheer and far too much Magic the Gathering. I’ve been relaxing, spending time with loved ones and generally making merry, so I haven’t had chance to post anything festive until now.

I hope, then, that you won’t be so bored of the whole affair that you’ll begrudge me showing you my Christmas Day outfit. I’m fairly sure that you’ll enjoy it!

Sinful Santa Close-Up

Ah, but you’ve undoubtedly seen my cleavage in pictures on here before. It’s certainly one of my favourite camera angles. It’s Christmassy, sure, but it’s not anything new. Well then, how about something a bit more daring? A bit more revealing? A bit more risky? My body, perhaps. A glimpse of face, perhaps. Not to worry, I know just how to pull that off.

Sinful Santa Revealed

Ah, a Father Christmas hat that hides a multitude of sins and a trippy background that does the same. No-one needs to see my Psyduck. No, that’s not a euphemism.

Anyway, I’m pretty pleased with how these turned out, given the outfit was for Crush’s sake and not yours. I didn’t intend to pose, but then the natural lighting was so good (isn’t it?) and I felt so sexy that I thought I’d get my lad to take a couple of quick ones before we got further dressed to go and open presents.

So, what do you think, festive enough for you? If you’d sat on this Santa’s lap this Christmas Day, what would you have asked her for? ♦


Towel Day

♦ This weekend we went to the swimming pool. I love swimming. I’m a fairly heavy girl, so the feeling of weightlessness and grace is wonderful. I used to be a pretty decent swimmer, and I’m not bad now, just a little out of practice. But I intend to go more often. And I intend to bring Crush along too. He can’t swim. Not yet. But he’s learning. And I think sights like this at the pool are only going to encourage him. Or so I hope!

Hey, you sass that hoopy Blacksilk? There’s a frood who really knows where her towel is. ♦



Silvered Tips

Silvered Tips 1Silvered Tips 2Silvered Tips 4









♦ I just couldn’t pick one of this set of pictures for this week’s Wicked Wednesday, so I went for all three of them. Any complaints? I certainly hope not!

Here’s me in my black chemise (as pictured way in the past), pulled down around the neck to expose my, admittedly ample-looking, breasts. And on each nipple? A silvered tip.

These are the Nipple Charms that I won from my First Place in the Underneath competition for Sinful Sunday a little while back. Aren’t they just gorgeous?

They fit so well, they feel so comfy, they stay on (even on my wayward nipple). And they almost, almost make me not so sad that I can’t get nipple piercings (metal through flesh physically freaks Crush out, so he wouldn’t be able to play with my nipples again!).  I still wish there was something that would have the same aesthetic as an actual nipple barbell, but for now I’m content to have pretty silver nips like these.

What about you? How do you accessorise your nipples? How would you if you could do anything? ♦

Wicked Wednesday

Love Hearts

♦ I took this photo on Valentine’s day this year with some heart-shaped, foil-wrapped chocolates that one of the ladies at work had passed around. I couldn’t help but want to be a bit naughty with them. Once I’d taken the original, full colour version, I sent it to a lovely young thing on the Internet. She made it into a colour splash image like the one below and posted it on her blog alongside another token from an admirer. I thought the colour splash version looked fantastic, and today I decided to make my own.

Love Hearts

 I ate the chocolates afterwards, of course, but I think it might be more fun to imagine removing the wrappers and letting them melt over my breasts, turning the skin sticky with sweetness… Don’t you? ♦


All Wet Through

♦ Recently I caused a minor stir on Twitter with a tweet showing off a lovely white t-shirt. It makes my boobs look huge, I said. Well, with a good bra underneath, at least.

The lovely Lady Pandorah voiced a thought that occurs to me every time I wear that top: wet t-shirts. It just looks like a wet t-shirt top. I’d been meaning to do it and that comment gave me just the motivation I needed. Hell, I was even having a shower when I got home anyway.

So I took everything off, including the bra of course, put the t-shirt back on and stepped in. When I was soaked to the skin, I stepped out and took a couple of self shots. I think they turned out pretty hot, so if you need a cold shower afterwards to calm down, just remember to wear something nice! ♦

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Pinful Punday

♦ Because you see what I did there? Feel free to groan. And perhaps not in the way I’d normally expect. Anyway, my pinwheels need to come out to play more often. I’m hoping to get a bit of fun with them today in fact. I think it’s about time Crush tied me up and made me wriggle under their little spikes. Until then, here are some pictures from the last time I got them out. The pinwheels, I mean.

Now, the one below isn’t exactly the best quality, it was a little blurry before compression, but it’s my first attempt at a GIF on here! Aren’t you awfully impressed? Now that I know it’s that easy, I might just have to do it again sometime. Does anyone have any requests? ♦

Click to play the GIF…

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Little Chickadee – Easter Perversion

♦ I readily admit that inspiration for this Sinful Sunday competition didn’t hit me quite as easily as the last time. Easter is a holiday that’s never been hugely important to me, partly because I’m not religious and partly because now that I am an adult I can buy myself large amounts of chocolate whenever I want. Being able to eat chocolate for breakfast everyday, if I wanted, sort of takes the fun out of Easter eggs.

So, on a little shopping trip on Good Friday, I figured I’d just keep an eye out for “cheap Easter tat” and see if I could find anything that’d work. I found these six adorable, colourful little chickadees that really take me back to my childhood in so many ways. That’s the Easter part sorted, but what about the perversion, you say?

Well, what on Earth do you think my other hand is doing..? ♦

Two Hundred

♦ So, for those of you who don’t yet know (and frankly, why really would you?) this is my 200th post on the blog! I did a blog retrospective just over a week ago with various self-congratulatory “aren’t I awesome?” blah and some genuinely useful links of my good stuff from 2011, so I won’t go on and on here. That’s not to say there isn’t anything before 2011 that’s worth reading in this 200 posts of mine, but you’ll have to go find that yourself. If there’s anything particular you wonder if I’ve written about, feel free to ask and I’ll be happy to direct you. If you’ve got any personal favourites of my 200, you’re encouraged to mention them in the comments if the mood strikes you.

But anyway, as this is somewhat of a milestone and I missed my fourth bloggiversary milestone in November, I thought I’d celebrate. Want to see what that looks like?

‘Course you do.

Yup, I thought I’d paint myself with chocolate sauce and show you the results. It was sticky. It was messy. It was hard to remember how to write a “2” backwards. But I did it for you.

Anyone fancy helping me clean up? I could use a spare tongue! ♦

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New Year’s Tease

♦ Those of you who follow me on Twitter may have already heard a little of how my New Year’s Eve ended up. Collars, nipple-sucking and rough fucking, that’s the way to bring the New Year in! It wasn’t a bad first few hours of 2012, I’ll give it that, and you’ll hopefully soon get to hear all about it properly as I hope to write it up for a blog post. Until then, here’s a little New Year’s tease for you:

Once again I have to apologise for the crappy phone-camera quality, I know I do this a bit too often, but I didn’t want to take my new, massive, fancy camera to a house party where half the people are, and I quote, “so drunk I can’t spell my own face”.

But anyway, this is me at the New Year’s Eve party I went to, taking a quick break in the bathroom to remove the absolute masses of chocolate orange cheesecake crumbs that had made their way into my corset-top. Seriously, that cake was crumbly and my cleavage was asking for trouble. Tasty though. Perhaps next time I can get someone to lick off the crumbs for me? ;)

And what’s that at the top of the picture? That’s the little rubber collar (the gem thing is blue in decent lighting) Crush put on me that he made me wear all night as I slept. That he would only take off if I was good. That I wore while we fucked in the dawn of 2012. But that’s another story… ♦

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Sinful Sunday