Filthy Photos and Art

♦ Do you like to watch? Do you like to gaze on supple skin and carefully-caressed curves? Then you’re in the right place. Here you’ll find naughty snaps of yours truly, as well as sinful art I’ve dreamt up. From cute and teasing to full-on wantonness, I hope my body – the photos – makes your pulse thump. From realistic kinks to hot fantasies, I hope my mind – the art – makes your breath quicken. And if you like what you see, tell me all about it. I love to get comments, I love to know I’ve sparked something and I adore knowing my pictures have made someone come… Enjoy. ♦

The Photos

A Peek at Blacksilk…
Another Peek…

Blacksilk’s Black… Nylon
From the Archives
Skin and Suds
Hot as Hel
Birthday Bronze
New Year’s Tease
Two Hundred
Dice – Underneath
Valentine’s Evening
Changing Rooms
Little Chickadee – Easter Perversion
Red, White and Blue
Niagara Fallen

Roped Up
Pinful Punday
All Wet Through
Love Hearts
More Fuel Than Food
A Little Lick
Slick Ceramic
Wax Dummy
Earning My Wings
Prime Time
Mossy Peaks
Silvered Tips

Towel Day
Sinful Santa
Stark Contrast

View From A Blowjob

The Art

The Angel and the Devil
Better the Devil you Know…
The Housewife
Tied Tomboy
Dirty Debutante
Tease, Tease, Tease
Miss Mint
Lemon Drop
Cunt Colouring
Life Drawing

The Toys

Discworld and Dildos
The Perils of Packing
Washing Day
Alien Probe
Beasties & Buttplugs
Dildos & Dragons – The Barbarian
Zombie Nation
All’s Fair in Love…
Collar Me
Love Without Your Heartbeat
State Alchemist
Tools of the Trade
To The Max
Purple Worm