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To The Max

♦ Well, it’s been a hot, hot day, so what better way to cool off than to get wet? My Tantus Max O2 (which I reviewed here) certainly seems to be getting the treatment. I wish I was able to just jump into something cold and refreshing like that! Phew!

Wet Black Tantus Max O2

I think the Max looks gorgeous with the black and white effect and the casual droplets of water splashed onto it. I love this dildo, a favourite of mine from the always-excellent Tantus, though I admit it’s not necessarily an everyday kinda toy! But it’s so satisfying and the size really makes for a nice change and an intense sensation. Om nom nom.

Anyway, I hope you like the picture! What you would you choose to cool off with in this glorious weather? ♦

Toy with me Tuesday

Tools of the Trade

♦ Today, Crush and I had a lot of fun. I’m not going to go into a lot of details, I think I might leave those to your imagination. But what I will show you this Sinful Sunday are the tools of the trade I used to inflict such deliciousness on both him and myself. The black handcuffs (very similar to these) were there to restrain him, the key to set him free. The ceramic dildo, the Lovemoiselle Aveline which you can see covered in my slickness here, was used on myself to great effect. It’s such a fantastic dildo and I’m always impressed at the sheer speed with which it gets me off. I teased Crush by using it on myself while all he could do was lie there tied up and pawing at my nipples.

Tools of the Trade: handcuffs and ceramic dildo

I used the Tantus C-ring cock ring (in gorgeous cherry) over his cock, more to pull him about than to really keep him hard and begging as he was already very good at both of those. The Leather Delights soft ballgag was placed gently in his mouth under my full-face hood (not shown), which was used with a blindfold to keep Crush in the dark while I tormented him. As for my very favourite vibrator, the We-Vibe Tango, well, Crush again got to hear me moan and come, both with and without his hungry, lustful input.

Tools of the Trade: ball gag, vibrator and cock ring

I also used various other, not-pictured sensation tools such as a feather stick, a strip of vintage fur, my seven-pinwheel Wartenberg wheel, the edge of a credit card to give him various sensations all over his filthy, sexy body while he was at my mercy. Not only that, but I even managed to give my new Tantus Cush a trial-run to kickstart my testing of it for an upcoming review, so the session was practical as well as just absolutely orgasmically erotic.

I teased him, tortured him, told him what to do, denied him my body, made him beg, made him plead, made him fuck me until I was done. I ordered him around and we both loved it. The tools of the trade pictured here were all immensely helpful in achieving what I wanted, but I think that what really made it all work is that deep inside this sub, there is a dom waiting to get out. And deep inside Crush’s dom heart there is a sub who likes, if not pain and punishment like I do, then being told what to do and not always getting what he wants. The tools of the trade give me, well, the tools, but it’s me that has the power, not my equipment.

What are your favourite tools of the trade? Which do you love most to use on someone or have used on you? Would you feel complete without them? ♦

Sinful Sunday

Prime Time

♦ Dear everyone, welcome to my favourite pants. Oh, and I guess there’s me there too, but, y’know, whatever. The point is, these are just the best pants ever. And they’re not even for my gender.

Obviously, because they have robots on them. And girls only like ponies.

In any case, I remember that when I was a teenager I’d have been terrified to have been caught in pants like this. Full ass coverage? Ick, granny pants. Who cared about comfy? If people found out you weren’t cheese-wiring your own ass-crack, you were probably frigid. Best years of your life, eh? Ugh.

But I’ve tried thongs and briefs and French knickers and while they all have their place, my heart is well and truly set on that king of knickers: manpants. Sure, imitation boypants, the female underwear that just steals the style, are fine and comfy, but they so rarely have anything cool on them. But actual boxer-briefs, neither boxer nor brief, are covered in awesomeness (and cock jokes, but you can’t have it all).

And these are just the best I own. Motherfuckin’ Transformers.

Prime Time

You can only just see Optimus Prime there, because of the totally-subtle hand down my pants, but there’s also Hot Rod (there’s no way I’m calling him Rodimus Prime) and Ultra Magnus. Yup, they even themed which Autobots were going to be on there based on the Matrix of Leadership. I’m impressed.

But I’ve probably lost most of you now, so, er… Look! I’m totally touching myself! Rrowr! Who said geeks weren’t hot?

So, what are your favourite underpants like? What characters would you put on your ideal geeky (or otherwise) pair? ♦

Sinful Sunday

State Alchemist

♦ OK, so if I had a Vixen Creations Mustang, this picture would be even better, what with the gloves in the picture belonging to a character called Mustang, but as it is, I still really love the Tantus Adam in this shot. Not the best shot in terms of technical quality, as it was taken on my phone, but you’ve got to admit that dildos and anime gloves are not a combination you see every Toy With Me Tuesday.

State Alchemist and Tantus Adam

Let me explain. There’s no other Godly reason for these toy things to be in a photo together other than I took this just after I got both of them and I was very, very happy with them both. I say “got”, I made those gloves. Or at least I bought some white gloves and drew the design onto them. The design is the one from Flame Alchemist Roy Mustang’s gloves in Fullmetal Alchemist, which is a really awesome anime series. And Roy is a really awesome, and very sexy, character too. He’s a State Alchemist, hence the title.

In fact, he’s the second character I have a crush on called Roy, which is a really unsexy name, I feel. If you’re wondering, the other is Roy Greenhilt from Order of the Stick. Yes, he’s a stick man and, yes, he’s still sexy.

Anyway, what’s also sexy is the Tantus Adam. It might be weird to say a dildo is sexy, as such, but have you seen this thing? It is beautiful. When I first got it out of the box I just gazed at it and turned it over in my hands. For a day or so, it was too gorgeous to fuck. I wanted to treat myself. When I did, it was glorious. It’s smooth and well-shaped and the O2 texture is wonderfully squishy-firm.

Many of the dildos I have are awesome or pretty or cool, but this is still one of the most actually beautiful dildos I own. And not because it’s rainbow polka-dotted or awesomely zombielicious or delicately blue-and-white. It’s simple, it probably shouldn’t amount to much in the looks department, but Tantus have got this thing down to a fine art.

An art like alchemy? Tenuous segue is tenuous! In any case, I took this photo a while back, but I hope you guys still like it! What TV series or film would you, oddly, pair up with what sex toy? ♦

Toy with me Tuesday

Love Without Your Heartbeat

Live without the sunlight
Love without your heartbeat
I, I can’t live within you

Nymphomaniac Ness told me some time ago that I should use this picture of the Phallix Glass Love Pacifier dildo for Toy With Me Tuesday and I figured what better time to honour her request than the first birthday of TWMT itself!

So, before I just go right ahead and tell you, can anyone tell me what the title of this post and the quote at the top are all about?

Phallix Glass Love Pacifier

I move the stars for no one.

If you said they’re quotes from Labyrinth, you’re right! If you specifically knew they’re from the song (“Within You”) that plays during the scene with the messed up, Escher-esque stairways, well that’s why I used those quotes for this picture.

The poster in the background of my picture isn’t from the Labyrinth and isn’t Escher either, but it’s very similar in style to them both: strange perspectives, non-Euclidean geometry, stairs that go to ceilings that are walls and floors…

I really wanted to emphasise the clear and reflective beauty of the glass of the Love Pacifier sex toy for this shot, so I placed it on a very clean mirror with the poster folded down to make a convincing fantasy landscape reflection as a background. I think it suits the Labyrinth and works quite well!

What do you think? ♦

Toy with me Tuesday

Earning My Wings

♦ Some time ago, Crush and I (along with Alt) went to one of London’s fine fetish fairs for a bit of a shufty around. We came away with a few interesting items:  a fluffy-backed riding crop and a metal ball-chain flogger (ouch).

But perhaps the best thing we found was this vintage RAF jacket.

Vintage RAF Jacket

It was bought for Crush. I like old military uniforms and the RAF by far are the coolest, and sexiest, ones. It fitted him well and he looked very handsome and hot in it. He still does whenever he wears it.

But I have to admit, I’ve taken quite a liking to it myself. So I pinch it now and then. Men from the era being slim and me being plump, it doesn’t quite close, though…

Naked Boobs in Vintage RAF Jacket

I don’t know, do you think that’s a problem? Have I earned my wings? ♦

Wicked Wednesday

Collar Me

♦ There’s something about a collar. Restraint and ownership delicately balanced with a fizzing freedom. An intimate act displayed in public. Leather wrapped around your neck can bring feelings of danger and security all at once.

I’d wanted a collar for a long time. Now I own several. A black PVC one, a plain black leather one, a red rubber one, a black rubber one with a blue gem, two black leather ones with poppers that say SLUT and BAD KITTY respectively. But I’ve never really had anything that I consider “my collar”. I don’t want to be literally labelled “slut or “bad kitty” all the time, the plain one is the one I use on the men in my life and the other three are too impractical for most occasions.

I wanted something to be My Collar. Something high-quality, something beautiful.

Monochrome Leather Collar

Then I encountered Leather Delights at a kink fair. I ummed and ahhed over exactly which of their many, many gorgeous collars I wanted. Not too thin, not too thick, not too plain but not too over-the-top. Soon I was holding an incredibly sexy 1.5″ wide collar with a soft black lining and a lovely white outside.

It smelt intoxicatingly of leather. It was comfortable and fit well and, importantly, I loved the way it looked. White is by no means the usual choice for collar colour and it suited me.

But of course it did. Everything about it is searingly beautiful, don’t you think? ♦

Toy with me Tuesday

Why not see more of my erotic, nude and sex toy photography?

Review – Icicles No. 8 Glass Dildo

Icicles No. 8 glass dildo

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free Icicles No. 8 by Adult Sensations in exchange for my honest review. Click any image to embiggen.

♦ The Icicles No. 8 is a glass dildo in the Icicles line by Pipedream, which is sold by Adult Sensations. It is a beautiful but slim toy designed to be used both vaginally and anally.

Icicles No. 8 PackagingThe packaging of the Icicles No. 8 looks very high-end: a matte box with images of the toy and a decent amount of info on the back. A small ribbon opens a magneted front to reveal a glimpse of the dildo inside. Within, the toy is in a foam cut-out. It’s lovely, but the big let-down for me is that the toy comes with no storage bag, which is very important for glass.


Glass toy novices may be worried about putting what is often viewed as a fragile material into a delicate area, but don’t worry. The borosilicate glass used in sex toys is very strong; it won’t break inside you (you’re just not that strong) and it doesn’t shatter easily when dropped.

They’re very safe in other ways too. Glass is a non-porous material that can be easily sterilised by boiling or using 10% bleach solution. This means it can be shared both between partners and between orifices, so long as its sterilised in between. It’s also hypo-allergenic and body-safe, which is really important.

Lastly, glass is fantastic in that it can be carefully cooled or heated for a different sensation in/on your body. I normally use the fridge to cool the toy down and hot water for heat. Do take care, though, and take care in thrusting with such a rigid material too.


 Icicles No. 8 SizeThe Icicles No. 8 is a lightweight glass toy with a decent length but a very slim girth. It’s certainly one that is more suited for those who like smaller toys and is not really for size queens. It is 7″ long with about 5.5″ insertable, which is a good length that can hit deep if wanted. The large end bulb is 1.5″ diameter and the three smaller bulbs are 1.1″, 1″ and 0.9″. The smallest part of the toy is the neck between the two smallest bulbs at 0.7″.

Although the rigidity and waviness do help bulk the Icicles No. 8 up, and it was a great size for me as an anal novice, it was too slim for maximum vaginal pleasure. Due to the slim tip, it was very easy to insert for both, though vaginal insertion of the big bulb end may be more tricky for some. And, yes, the toy is double-ended, at least vaginally it is.

Anal-wise, I believe the big bulb has enough of a sudden size-shift to count as a flared base for most people, but you may want to disagree with me on that. Personally, when I used the Icicles No. 8 anally, I couldn’t even get it past the third small bulb for some reason. I pushed it in and found the tip bumping up on my insides somewhere and refusing to go any further.

I’m assuming that the rigidity and/or straightness of the toy didn’t gel so well with the wibbliness of my back passage, but I’m not certain. So, for me, there was no chance of losing this toy anally.

The wavy bulbs felt great in my ass, but I would say they were perhaps a bit too subtle to be really great. The slimness of the toy proved perfect, though, and I had no trouble with a toy of this size. That said, I tended to just move the Icicles No. 8 backwards and forwards, passing the second bulb into and out of my anus, sometimes removing the toy entirely, which felt very nice.

Vaginally, the toy can be used with either end as losing it is not an issue. The end with the small bulbs is more for the pleasure of the wavy shape and for generic thrusting, but it is a little on the thin side for my liking, although the bulbs do feel very nice going back and forth. If you want something bigger and, honestly, more interesting, the big-bulbed end does fairly well as a G-spot stimulator. It’s not perfect, because it’s a bit too straight, but the rigidity is great and it just makes this end of the toy by far the best. I like to work it back and forth in small movements over my G-spot.

Really, though, with the gradual change between neck and bulb, the shape of the Icicles No. 8 is more undulations or waves than bumps or bulbs. It feels very smooth, which is useful for insertion and easy thrusting, but in general it’s just not stimulating enough. The lack of girth doesn’t help.

Icicles No. 8 Aesthetics

Aesthetically, the Icicles No. 8 really shines, excuse the pun. It’s a beautiful dildo that has a very different look to it, what with the dual effect of the delicate blue inner spiral and the iridescent sheen to the clear glass. It looks like a blown bubble mixed with a child’s marble and I just can’t capture it adequately on camera. It’s one of the more interesting and gorgeous glass dildos I’ve seen and it’s the light rainbow effect to the surface that really does it.


The Icicles No. 8 by Pipedream, like the Crystal Small Premium Glass Kegel by NS Novelties, is yet another gorgeous glass dildo with marvellous aesthetics that’s not quite as large as it could do with being, probably because it’s trying to work two jobs as both a vaginal and an anal dildo. The Icicles No. 8, however, is just a bit too boring and gentle in terms of shape to pull off really pleasurable sensations at a small size. Anally, it was comfortable and very interesting, although I still felt the wavy bulbs could be more exciting. Vaginally, the small end was decent, but not thrilling and the big end was much closer to thrilling but still not quite there.

If you’re a fan of small toys, though, and you don’t need a lot of texture, I think you’ll really like this one. It’s versatile, body-safe, non-porous, temperature-variable, slim, gentle and lovely to look at. It just doesn’t quite do it for me. But if you think the Icicles No. 8 is for you, why not get one from Adult Sensations? ♦

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Wax Dummy

♦ Just a few weeks back, I did a review of basically some blimmin’ ordinary candles, otherwise known as the Fetish Fantasy Sensual Hot Wax kit. They were, for all intents and purposes, just ordinary candles. But it did mean I got a nice excuse to play with some wax for once.

We don’t do wax play often, I admit. It’s a bit of effort to protect the sheets and so forth and to clean up afterwards. We can be lazy. So this was a nice treat.

Crush soon became quite expert at guiding the drip, drip, drip of the melting candle to the sweet spots of my waiting skin. I love the feel of it. The hot, wet splat that quickly cools opaque and starts to form a layer with a passing resemblance to something chitinous and alien. The fleeting pain turned to a gentle warmth. The dancing flame.

Wax Dummy BDSM

He targeted thighs and arms and stomach and breasts. I gasped. I wriggled. I gloried at heat turned to heaven on my skin. Hours after scraping and plucking all that off, I took matters into my own hands.

Drip, drip, drip.

And above is what I created. Glob upon glob of wax, splat upon splat of delight. Rivulets of heated candle running down the curve of my flesh and cooling into ridges and ravines. An arm that looks exotic and ugly and beautiful. A snowscape. A wax dummy. ♦


Slick Ceramic

Sinful Sunday is all about the image, this we know. But as Molly‘s often said, to paraphrase, that doesn’t mean you always have to get your bits out. This week, I think I’ve got an image that does subtle but sexy but slutty but sophisticated at the same time, I hope. And I haven’t got my bits out. I’ve just got a little evidence left over that I’ve got them out previously…

Slick Ceramic

Those are my legs and a hint of foot. Not a great deal of skin, you’ll agree, and not so titillating, perhaps, as other parts.

That’s my Lovemoiselle Aveline ceramic dildo. A beautiful, and fantastic-feeling thing that, when not in monochrome, is pure white with a delicate blue flower. The ultimate debasement and transformation of the pretty blue-and-white china plates of my mother.

And on the crisp, clean white of the ceramic? That, my dear, is my come. The slickness of my just-finished fuckfest-for-one. Spattered like single cream on the best dairy jug.

You don’t see much of me, but this picture feels dirty to me all the same. Dirty in a beautiful way, but dirty. For quite a while I wasn’t sure about showing it at all. Were my bodily fluids a step too far? Maybe despite the elegant black and white, you find this lurid, obscene, filth. Maybe it’s as dainty as a china flower. Tame like crockery.

However you find it, I’ve enjoyed showing so much of myself and so little all at once. An anonymising shot, and yet so intimate. Civil, but primal. A little pictorial dichotomy. And I like that. ♦