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Silvered Tips

Silvered Tips 1Silvered Tips 2Silvered Tips 4









♦ I just couldn’t pick one of this set of pictures for this week’s Wicked Wednesday, so I went for all three of them. Any complaints? I certainly hope not!

Here’s me in my black chemise (as pictured way in the past), pulled down around the neck to expose my, admittedly ample-looking, breasts. And on each nipple? A silvered tip.

These are the Nipple Charms that I won from my First Place in the Underneath competition for Sinful Sunday a little while back. Aren’t they just gorgeous?

They fit so well, they feel so comfy, they stay on (even on my wayward nipple). And they almost, almost make me not so sad that I can’t get nipple piercings (metal through flesh physically freaks Crush out, so he wouldn’t be able to play with my nipples again!).  I still wish there was something that would have the same aesthetic as an actual nipple barbell, but for now I’m content to have pretty silver nips like these.

What about you? How do you accessorise your nipples? How would you if you could do anything? ♦

Wicked Wednesday

Mossy Peaks

♦ I originally took this mossy picture using Instagram, but then it turned out that Instagram doesn’t like tits. Or really very much that implies sexuality, though they’ve yet to take down any of my sex toy photos or cleavage shots, which is something.

Anyway, you lot are an audience who I think will appreciate this picture as it’s intended. So, here you are, the mossy peaks of my breasts as shown in my new green lace camisole thingy.

Mossy Peaks - lace and boobs

Green is Crush’s favourite colour, so I had to get this even though I wouldn’t usually pick this sort of mossy khaki green for lingerie. And it’s come in handy, too. I wore it under a khaki jacket and my Bill from Left 4 Dead cosplay beret, with a brown leather skirt. Then I gave Private Crush a lovely bit of military justice for being a bad, bad boy.

It worked rather well! We got along just swimmingly. Do you think you and Sgt Blacksilk would get along? ♦

Wicked Wednesday


♦ Jitterbug is a manic, tumbling, ragtag little poem I wrote in about four minutes while hyped up on coffee. I hope you like it and its weird little structure. I do. Apparently, it doesn’t take much to get me playing with frantic and oddly placed rhymes. I’d only had two cups. It’s inspired by a quote from Gore Vidal. ♦

Sex is a continuum, a spectrum
A plectrum
That plucks my strings
As I fuck with things and girls and boys and toys
While I scream and shout
Call their names out
Out of my head on love and other drugs
And coming alive as I rise through the fug
Of everyday thoughts and everyday bull
Explodes into sparks colourful
Full of his cock, her fingers, hir words in my head
A dildo retracting, spilling cum on my bed
The dread of returning to the mundane
My brain filling
With vapour and bliss
How could there be something greater than this?

Wicked Wednesday

Earning My Wings

♦ Some time ago, Crush and I (along with Alt) went to one of London’s fine fetish fairs for a bit of a shufty around. We came away with a few interesting items:  a fluffy-backed riding crop and a metal ball-chain flogger (ouch).

But perhaps the best thing we found was this vintage RAF jacket.

Vintage RAF Jacket

It was bought for Crush. I like old military uniforms and the RAF by far are the coolest, and sexiest, ones. It fitted him well and he looked very handsome and hot in it. He still does whenever he wears it.

But I have to admit, I’ve taken quite a liking to it myself. So I pinch it now and then. Men from the era being slim and me being plump, it doesn’t quite close, though…

Naked Boobs in Vintage RAF Jacket

I don’t know, do you think that’s a problem? Have I earned my wings? ♦

Wicked Wednesday

Rushed Rhymes – NaPoWriMo

♦ Heck, most of these aren’t even rhyming. They’re haikus, otherwise known as the “Oh, God, I’m so behind!” of NaPoWriMo. But more on what these poems are all about in a moment, for now just enjoy (I hope) poems 15-20 of the month…


Following the curves
The lips of the paper cunt
Ink flows from pen nib

Corset: Five Hours In

I never once thought
You’d hear me say, after hours
“Pull me in tighter”


“Can I draw again?”
A different erotic book
Passed into my hands

Confidence Crisis

In sight, in mind
Out of place, out of time
Show an interest, show my face
One day I will take my place
Read aloud what I’ve made
Hold my head up on the stage


You, here, below me
You, forever, here with me
You, now, inside me


So easy in the bedroom
Hard in a haiku

“Fauves” is a haiku about my little cunt colouring book that I so enjoy inking, whereas “Corset: Five Hours In” is about a true situation I found myself in recently: after five hours in a corset I was finding myself so comfortable that I actually wanted it cinched in tighter after all that time! I’m told this isn’t always usual for a corset novice.

“Book!” and “Confidence Crisis” are all about the Kinky World Book Night that I recently attended. I was given a free erotic book at the door, but it turned out to be one I had already, which got me praise! Confidence Crisis is a good deal more emotional. I was feeling nervous and out of place and awkward and didn’t think I’d be able to read my own work aloud. It’s about that feeling of lacking confidence and hating yourself for it. It’s about how one day you’ll get there. But then it turned out that I would have the opportunity to read aloud after all! So I did! And I “got there” about an hour or so after writing that! And it was amazing.

“You” is a little haiku about a lover, prompted by the word “below” and “Syllables” is a simple one about how hard it is to use “BDSM” in an erotic haiku given it’s a syllable per letter!

Hoepfully I’ll get a chance to write some more substantial ones soon! ♦

Wicked Wednesday

Things to Wear – NaPoWriMo

♦ So, NaPoWriMo, the National Poetry Writing Month, is still going strong. And so am I! Since my first batch of poems and my second, I’ve been doggy paddling like mad to keep up, but it’s certainly working! Just about. I’m only three poems down from what I should be, at least. Here are poems 9-14 of my month…

The Absence of Your Skin

Gloves at once removed
Feeling greedily flows back
Like pins and needles

In Praise of Cinched Waists

Constricted, conflicted
Restricted, I predicted
That I could only endure the garment for so long
But as soon as the damn thing was off I would long
To be confined, defined
In refined, satin-lined
Corsets, their bones of unyielding steel
Their lacing tautening as I feel
Pinched, clenched
Squeezed and tense
Shored up, whored out
Sealed away, but on display
Made dainty, made sound
Made captured and bound

Of Corsets Showbiz

There was a young girl with a belly
Who said, “It just wobbles like jelly.
But with a corset, of course,
And control panel shorts,
I can look like they do on the telly.”


Hush, hush, the shifting
Of nylon between my thighs
Whispering, hush, hush

On Wearing Silly Knickers

Fancy lingerie
Sliding down my rounded hips
Thrill of exposure


The shine, the sheen
So bright, so clean
The hug and caress
Of each curve as you dress
That marvellous material

I based this little lot on sexy things to wear, inspired by my tight corset-wearing session at the weekend that left me feeling poetic and erotic. Of Corsets Showbiz (say it aloud) is a somewhat satirical take on corsetry and body image and the media, but In Praise of Corsets is straight from the (slightly squeezed) heart.

Hosiery is a haiku about the hushing swish of tights, On Wearing Silly Knickers is about that feeling of exhibitionism and sexy precariousness that comes from wearing lingerie, even when it’s well-hidden. The Absence of Your Skin is about how gloves boost your sense of touch due to dulling it while they’re on. And Shiny is an ode to latex.

Which is your favourite poem? Does it match up with your favourite sexy thing to wear? ♦

Wicked Wednesday

Odd Little Snippets – NaPoWriMo

♦ It’s no wonder I never have time for NaBloPoMo or NaNoWriMo, I’ve barely had time to keep up with NaPoWriMo either! It’s now day ten of the month and I’ve written eight poems, which the observant among you will realise is not ten. I’ve been feeling a bit poorly, so I’ve spent the last couple of days playing catch-up on the poetry side of things. Here’s the odd little snippets of poetry I’ve come up with, some more serious than others, since last time

Real Women

Ladies, real women
Don’t ever use phrases like
“Ladies, real women..”


Adorable you
Nestled at my warm hip
Like a naked dog

Tea Fetish

Sometimes I think I’d like to be a sachet of tea leaves
And plunge, head-first, into you
And feel the heat of you surrounding me, infiltrating me
And slowly sink down into your depths
And infuse into you, spreading out, sighing
And mix my essence with yours
So that we are no longer Tea Bag and Hot Water
But one soft and molten brew
Tea, that fawn infusion
Life-giver, bliss-bringer
A cup of us, inseparable

Just Say No

True friends don’t let friends
I say, true friends don’t let friends
Buy furry handcuffs

Let’s Play

Let’s play the tease game
Let’s let my hands run over your rear
Try not to let your erection grow
Let’s let me moan softly into your ear
Try not to let your excitement show
Let’s let me squeeze your rigid cock
Try not to let your desire peak
Let’s let me flirt and let me mock
Try not to take the fun you seek
Here in public, here where people see
Let’s play the tease game: one, two three…

So, the poems. Real Women and Just Say No are designed to be very tongue-in-cheek, if you hadn’t yet guessed, whereas Lapdog is a more serious haiku.

Let’s Play (a lovely, nerdy title) is an erotic poem with elements of some sort of children’s skipping game? The last line is certainly very “Peep behind the curtain: one, two, three”. And finally, Tea Fetish is an odd little poem about wanting to be so close to someone that you’re happy to melt into each other. It’s about bliss, I guess, but what do you expect from a poem about tea?

Anyway, how are your NaPoWriMo efforts going? And what do you think of mine? I’m always keen for feedback. ♦

Wicked Wednesday

Prompted Poems – NaPoWriMo

♦ For those of you who don’t yet know, April is NaPoWriMo: National Poem Writing Month. And I’ve decided to take part! I’ve always enjoyed writing poetry and I’ve written a fair few poems on this blog before now. It’s an easier activity to fit around my hectic life than NaNoWriMo (a novel) or NaBloPoMo (blog posts) and, besides which, since Ashley Lister’s poetry workshop at Eroticon 2013, I’ve been determined to write more poetry. Ashley suggests that even writing just a haiku a day is great practice for a writer, so this is a great time to give that a test.

So, without further ado, here are the poems I’ve written for the first three days of April. They’ve all been prompted from a single word or phrase I stumbled upon in my search for inspiration.

Empire – A Haiku (from the prompt “empire”)

Fingertip army
Marches onwards to conquer
Your empire of skin

The Temple (from the prompt “my body is a temple”)

“My body is a temple”, you said
And I nodded my head:

“Your eyes are bowls of sacred oils
Your hair, a silken sash
The scars at your knees are frescos of the divine
And your lips, painted with the blood of sacrifice”

“Your feet are the altar at which I lay my head
Your hands, burnished candelabra
The scent of your body is incense and ash
And your sighs, soft tinkles of swinging chimes”

“You’re taking the piss”, you said
And I shook my head:

“When I lift my face and drink deep of your holy cup
You hum, you coil, you create and destroy
The walls of your church vibrate and shake
And rapture is sung by every nerve”

“Your body is temple, my love
And I worship at your cunt”

Hush – A Haiku (from the prompt “quietly”)

Hush. Come quietly.
Your big sister is sleeping.
Moan into my hand.

These poems were varying levels of difficulty and time to write. The first, Empire, was easy but took a little time to get the syllables working for me. The Temple was actually one I started on one day and finished the next, because I wasn’t quite sure where I was going with the end of it. It was mostly written on the bus. I’m still not 100% convinced. Hush was written in literally about two minutes as I finished this blog post and has a nice, threatening undercurrent that I like.

As NaPoWriMo continues, I’ll post more (if not all) of my efforts to show you. And I’ll make sure to have 30 poems, even if they’re 29 haikus and a longer one, at the end. For now, though, what do you think of these? And are you taking part in NaPoWriMo this year? ♦

Wicked Wednesday