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♦ Aren’t we all a bunch of prudes? It sometimes seems like it.  Despite the claims of ‘sexing up’ on TV, in films, in the media and in shops, despite tabloid prurience, despite free Internet porn and an Ann Summers on every high street, sex is still a big taboo. You should certainly be having it, Cosmopolitan makes that clear, but if you are you definitely shouldn’t talk about it. Or go too wild with it. Or do anything unusual.

Dominating, submitting, switching, spanking, tying up, begging, punishing, these are things not to be idly discussed in your everyday life. Even these days people will blush, stare and clam up. This blog is a chance for me to ramble on freely about things which I cannot in the dreaded land of ‘RL’. I hope you’ll find it interesting, titillating in places and hopefully inspiring to try out new things and talk about them.

This blog is my call to revel in being sexy, in sex, in experimenting and in being able to talk freely about what it is that you get up to and what blows your hair back


I’m a linguist in her late twenties living and working in Cardiff. I’m currently in my second ‘proper’ relationship (fourth, if you want to include the rubbish ones). I met Crush at a geeky society at university here and we’ve been friends for nearly five years. I started seeing him sexually during my open relationship with my first love, Fractal. Fractal and I were together for over two and a half years, he was my first and the one to start all of this. Before him I was ashamed of my sexuality, I felt guilty touching myself, thinking of sex. Now I revel in it, he showed me love, sex, BDSM, confidence, kink and changed me for the better.

However, it didn’t quite work out. The open relationship turned both stale and sour as I started to fall for my best friend, Crush. Things ended somewhat messily and it’s a bit of a cautionary tale for anyone thinking of an open relationship or a fling with a friend. However, I’m now in a very happy blossoming relationship with Crush. It’s all very new and exciting and I love him.

I switch sexually, though I have discovered I’ve a tendency to heavily prefer submission. I guess I just like being someone’s little slut. I love being tied up, taken and toyed with. I am also bisexual, something which I struggled with, entirely unnecessarily, for quite some time. Fractal supported me into my first lesbian encounter and it’s now a huge part of my sexuality and who I am.

I dislike modern feminism. I don’t believe in whining about inequality, I don’t believe in the patriarchy, but I also can’t stand being judged based on my sex. I am a tomboy. It was only in the last year or so that I started wearing skirts at all. I like typically boys’ things. I’m a geek. But I now, side-by-side with my rise in confidence, allow myself more girlitude: sexy underwear, make-up, cleavage galore.

I also draw things, recently of a more sexy nature, some of which I’ve put up here alongside the rest of the smut.

In any case, I hope you enjoy reading my blabberings about sex, love and kink. Feel free to contact me, if you’d like.  ♦