Life Drawing

♦ As you may be aware, I’m quite into drawing. I’d say that perhaps about 50% of my drawing efforts are spent on fantasy or geeky art (like pictures based on my various roleplaying games) and about 50% on art that is very much in the realm of the sexy. Of course, sexy art is good because I can share it with you good people on this very blog, whereas a picture of a baffled homunculus would be rather off-topic…

In any case, drawing nudity and/or sexuality (because nudity /= sex, of course) is great practice and also makes me feel wonderful. I love to turn people on; it’s one of the reasons I have this blog, take pictures and write stories. If I can do that via a drawing, so much the better. In fact, it may even be harder. A picture of skin has an obvious voyeurism/titillation factor. But I have to work to turn people on with just a pencil and paper.

This next drawing isn’t exactly sexual as such, but I think it does have a certain eroticism to it, nonetheless.

Life Drawing

I drew it at a life drawing class about a year or so ago, so obviously there’s nothing explicitly sexual going on, but the closeness of the two bodies, the beauty of the human body, the relaxed face of one girl and the arched back of the other… these things all speak to sexuality for me. To the erotic.

The paper is crumpled now and the pencil starting to smudge, but I’m still quite proud of what I’ve captured here. I’ll really have to go life drawing again when I get the time.

Until then, this picture will do. To me, it says intimacy. What does it say to you? ♦


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