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Of Silver, Sin and School Desks in Felt Tips

♦ I probably should have written this post when Felt Tips originally came out in December, but I really wanted to wait for the paperback version so I could have something to hold in my hands and take slightly self-important pictures of. But nonetheless, hey, look! A book! And that’s my name in it!

So, you’ll hopefully know I’ve been published before (in Hungry for Love and Take Your Partner) and now I’ve gone and done it again! Hooray!

The book is Felt Tips by the wonderful Tiffany Reisz and, as I say, it was originally out at the end of last year in eBook format. And now the paperback has been released and my copy just arrived in the post, which makes me feel all shiny. Felt Tips is the world’s first and only collection of “Office-supply Erotica”. Porn with pens. Erotica about erasers. Sex with… staplers? Ouch.

Here’s a teeny snippet:

“Please,” I said and before I knew it I could feel the pencil-clamps pinching down, first on my left nipple, then my right. They were astonishingly tight for something so… Blue Peter. I felt electrified.

To come up with the story, I played around with some stationery ideas in my head to see what sparked and when I’d settled on the main items used in my story, the idea of a teacher and taking the office out of office supplies really grabbed me. As I told Tiffany, “I know a teacher or two and so I have a bit of an insight into that sort of strange professional repression that can come with it that might beg to be released”. I found it quite compelling and, lo and behold, my first acceptance email came out of it. A little later Felt Tips hit the scene.

Felt Tips book

With over 40 authors contributing and with Tiffany donating a new Original Sinners story, there’s bound to be something for everyone. And since all proceeds go to an organisation that helps struggling schools supply their classrooms, you’ll be doing your heart good as well as your bits! Brits, you can pick up Felt Tips on Amazon UK in eBook here and paperback here. For everyone else, the Amazon US links are here for the eBook and here for the paperback.

Although life has slowed down my fiction writing a little, I’m determined to take the very good advice of several friends and professional acquaintances and just not stop writing. In fact, I’m hoping to have another story published soon, so watch this space! ♦

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