Mossy Peaks

♦ I originally took this mossy picture using Instagram, but then it turned out that Instagram doesn’t like tits. Or really very much that implies sexuality, though they’ve yet to take down any of my sex toy photos or cleavage shots, which is something.

Anyway, you lot are an audience who I think will appreciate this picture as it’s intended. So, here you are, the mossy peaks of my breasts as shown in my new green lace camisole thingy.

Mossy Peaks - lace and boobs

Green is Crush’s favourite colour, so I had to get this even though I wouldn’t usually pick this sort of mossy khaki green for lingerie. And it’s come in handy, too. I wore it under a khaki jacket and my Bill from Left 4 Dead cosplay beret, with a brown leather skirt. Then I gave Private Crush a lovely bit of military justice for being a bad, bad boy.

It worked rather well! We got along just swimmingly. Do you think you and Sgt Blacksilk would get along? ♦

Wicked Wednesday

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