Hit List

♦ Just under a year ago I wrote a post making jokes about some of my odd search terms that have found this blog. Years before, I did the same thing. Now, I’m not saying you won’t get my latest and greatest interesting search term hits in this post, but I thought I’d do something a little different first.

Variety is the spice of a textured life, after all.

I thought it might be interesting, especially for fellow sex bloggers, to see what have been my most popular search terms over the last few months. What gets my blog found? What do people search for when they stumble across me?

So here’s my top ten hit list with duplicate results removed (e.g. with “sqweel 2” and “sqweel 2 reviews”, I’ve ignored the latter):

  1. sqweel 2
  2. fireman love doll
  3. fun factory bootie
  4. being blacksilk
  5. lelo mona 2 review
  6. stronic eins
  7. je joue uma
  8. tantus throb
  9. tickle my tush
  10. tantus max

So, as you can see, people are mainly finding my blog, or looking for my blog, for my sex toy reviews. The Sqweel 2, the Fun Factory Bootie and Stronic Eins, the LELO Mona 2, the Je Joue Uma and the Tantus Throb and Max are all toys I’ve reviewed. What I find interesting is that all of those toys are what I’d call quality, high-end toys. I didn’t like the Stronic Eins, for example, but it’s certainly a luxury toy.

I’ve also got a book review popping up, the unintentionally hilarious Tickle My Tush, a lot of people looking for Sam the Fireman Love Doll and then, as you might expect, people finding me directly by name. It’s all rather interesting.

And it’s something I encourage you all to do too. Go to your blog stats and take a look at what your blog is getting found for. Those are some of the main reasons people are looking for your site. That’s what people want that you provide. That’s what gets you strangers-turned-new-readers. It’s an important lesson in knowing how your blog sits in the wider web.

There you have it!

…OK, fine. Fine. You can have ten of the weird and wonderful search terms on my hit list too:

  1. shejaculate – Noooo! Don’t give any weight to those awful terms!
  2. very dirty,filthy,damn sexy photos of sexual intercouses – There is a disconnect in register somewhere here…
  3. dildo isolated – Lost, alone…
  4. why dont ann summers do the lelo ella – Because AS sucks. If you’ve levelled up enough in sex toys to want the LELO Ella, you should have levelled up enough to use any of the better sex toy shops.
  5. shelf full of dildos – From the director of a Fistful of Dollars…
  6. sexy naked couples playing dice – Hell, yes. How about me and Crush?
  7. trevithick day 2013 male voice choir up camborne hill – Oh, dear. I doubt this was what you were after.
  8. what is feeling girls after fuking sex photo – What IS girls feeling after fucking?
  9. victoria coren naked – Look, if you didn’t find any pictures of her here at all, there won’t be any of her naked.
  10. chemical burn sex toy – Ouch. Yes, unfortunately that’s a thing. But luckily YOU can stop it!

What are some of your most popular, most weird or most memorable search terms on your hit list? 

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