Rushed Rhymes – NaPoWriMo

♦ Heck, most of these aren’t even rhyming. They’re haikus, otherwise known as the “Oh, God, I’m so behind!” of NaPoWriMo. But more on what these poems are all about in a moment, for now just enjoy (I hope) poems 15-20 of the month…


Following the curves
The lips of the paper cunt
Ink flows from pen nib

Corset: Five Hours In

I never once thought
You’d hear me say, after hours
“Pull me in tighter”


“Can I draw again?”
A different erotic book
Passed into my hands

Confidence Crisis

In sight, in mind
Out of place, out of time
Show an interest, show my face
One day I will take my place
Read aloud what I’ve made
Hold my head up on the stage


You, here, below me
You, forever, here with me
You, now, inside me


So easy in the bedroom
Hard in a haiku

“Fauves” is a haiku about my little cunt colouring book that I so enjoy inking, whereas “Corset: Five Hours In” is about a true situation I found myself in recently: after five hours in a corset I was finding myself so comfortable that I actually wanted it cinched in tighter after all that time! I’m told this isn’t always usual for a corset novice.

“Book!” and “Confidence Crisis” are all about the Kinky World Book Night that I recently attended. I was given a free erotic book at the door, but it turned out to be one I had already, which got me praise! Confidence Crisis is a good deal more emotional. I was feeling nervous and out of place and awkward and didn’t think I’d be able to read my own work aloud. It’s about that feeling of lacking confidence and hating yourself for it. It’s about how one day you’ll get there. But then it turned out that I would have the opportunity to read aloud after all! So I did! And I “got there” about an hour or so after writing that! And it was amazing.

“You” is a little haiku about a lover, prompted by the word “below” and “Syllables” is a simple one about how hard it is to use “BDSM” in an erotic haiku given it’s a syllable per letter!

Hoepfully I’ll get a chance to write some more substantial ones soon! ♦

Wicked Wednesday

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