Things to Wear – NaPoWriMo

♦ So, NaPoWriMo, the National Poetry Writing Month, is still going strong. And so am I! Since my first batch of poems and my second, I’ve been doggy paddling like mad to keep up, but it’s certainly working! Just about. I’m only three poems down from what I should be, at least. Here are poems 9-14 of my month…

The Absence of Your Skin

Gloves at once removed
Feeling greedily flows back
Like pins and needles

In Praise of Cinched Waists

Constricted, conflicted
Restricted, I predicted
That I could only endure the garment for so long
But as soon as the damn thing was off I would long
To be confined, defined
In refined, satin-lined
Corsets, their bones of unyielding steel
Their lacing tautening as I feel
Pinched, clenched
Squeezed and tense
Shored up, whored out
Sealed away, but on display
Made dainty, made sound
Made captured and bound

Of Corsets Showbiz

There was a young girl with a belly
Who said, “It just wobbles like jelly.
But with a corset, of course,
And control panel shorts,
I can look like they do on the telly.”


Hush, hush, the shifting
Of nylon between my thighs
Whispering, hush, hush

On Wearing Silly Knickers

Fancy lingerie
Sliding down my rounded hips
Thrill of exposure


The shine, the sheen
So bright, so clean
The hug and caress
Of each curve as you dress
That marvellous material

I based this little lot on sexy things to wear, inspired by my tight corset-wearing session at the weekend that left me feeling poetic and erotic. Of Corsets Showbiz (say it aloud) is a somewhat satirical take on corsetry and body image and the media, but In Praise of Corsets is straight from the (slightly squeezed) heart.

Hosiery is a haiku about the hushing swish of tights, On Wearing Silly Knickers is about that feeling of exhibitionism and sexy precariousness that comes from wearing lingerie, even when it’s well-hidden. The Absence of Your Skin is about how gloves boost your sense of touch due to dulling it while they’re on. And Shiny is an ode to latex.

Which is your favourite poem? Does it match up with your favourite sexy thing to wear? ♦

Wicked Wednesday

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