Transmogrification – An Erotic Poem

When you pinch and roll my nipples like PlayDough
And they harden, raised and stiff
They’re the nipples I see on the Tumblr screen
They’re watercolour mountain peaks

When you clasp your hands over my breasts and squeeze
And the skin dimples, pliant, under your fingers
My breasts are round, firm, perfect, plump
Your green fingers turn them luscious and ripe

When you sigh, content, a curled lap cat
And rest your head on the bulk of my stomach
It’s not there or barely there or I don’t care
And the word “calorie” is lost from thought

When you grip my hips and press yourself to my arse
And groan and nuzzle at my ear
Mine is a body like those I moan, hot and dripping, to
Mine is perfection, glory, apotheosis

When you touch me
When I am yours
I am transformed
I am more

– “Transmogrification” by Blacksilk

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