Slick Ceramic

Sinful Sunday is all about the image, this we know. But as Molly‘s often said, to paraphrase, that doesn’t mean you always have to get your bits out. This week, I think I’ve got an image that does subtle but sexy but slutty but sophisticated at the same time, I hope. And I haven’t got my bits out. I’ve just got a little evidence left over that I’ve got them out previously…

Slick Ceramic

Those are my legs and a hint of foot. Not a great deal of skin, you’ll agree, and not so titillating, perhaps, as other parts.

That’s my Lovemoiselle Aveline ceramic dildo. A beautiful, and fantastic-feeling thing that, when not in monochrome, is pure white with a delicate blue flower. The ultimate debasement and transformation of the pretty blue-and-white china plates of my mother.

And on the crisp, clean white of the ceramic? That, my dear, is my come. The slickness of my just-finished fuckfest-for-one. Spattered like single cream on the best dairy jug.

You don’t see much of me, but this picture feels dirty to me all the same. Dirty in a beautiful way, but dirty. For quite a while I wasn’t sure about showing it at all. Were my bodily fluids a step too far? Maybe despite the elegant black and white, you find this lurid, obscene, filth. Maybe it’s as dainty as a china flower. Tame like crockery.

However you find it, I’ve enjoyed showing so much of myself and so little all at once. An anonymising shot, and yet so intimate. Civil, but primal. A little pictorial dichotomy. And I like that. ♦


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