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Stronic Eins Nerf Vulcan - Toy With Me Tuesday

…and war.

♦ Oh, look! It’s the Fun Factory Stronic Eins on the base from one of my many, many Nerf guns. Specifically the base of the ridiculous Nerf Vulcan (or, as it’s mostly in this country, the Nerf Havok, for unknown reasons) with the ammo belt around it. That’s my black PVC corset forming a backdrop, with my steampunk goggles and dust mask adding some much-needed Industrial eyecandy. I upped the film-grain effect (click to embiggen for full glory) on this one too. I was going, as in some of the photos from the review, for a gritty, Rammstein-esque, machine-oil-and-bullet-casings sort of look. I hope that came across.

Sadly, I didn’t really get on with the Stronic Eins as a toy, myself. But I do still love its German styling and the almost mythic status it seems to have gained as a powerful toy. I think it’s a toy that really suited the gun emplacement theme of this picture, whether it makes me come like a train or not. I’ll likely still try to get rid of mine in a swap/sale or somesuch though. ♦

Toy with me Tuesday

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