Fifth Bloggiversary Giveaway!

♦ Five years is a fair while, isn’t it? And since this blog started with my very first post on the 17th of November 2007 and it’s now the 17th of November 2012, that makes today my official fifth bloggiversary! Go me! Bang the party poppers, sound the trumpets and spank your nearest and dearest!

But this isn’t the time for a lengthy introspective retrospective. It’s time to thank you all for being here. Whether you’ve been with me all along and can remember the Fractal days, whether you came in at the shiny, back-with-gusto Crush era or whether your first visit was about a minute ago because you heard there might be prizes. It’s all good (though I’d love it if you stuck around).

So, to celebrate my fifth bloggiversary, there are prizes! (You were right!)

Three of the prizes in the giveaway are open to anyone and everyone, worldwide. Five of the prizes are open to the UK-only. Make sure you only enter the UK-only Rafflecopter (the second one) if you have a shipping address in the UK. If you win and you don’t, I will redraw and you’ll get bugger all. Entering under a pseudonym is fine as long as you can provide a real shipping address. Giveaway prizes will be shipped to you by the donor.


We-Vibe 3

The We-Vibe 3 couple’s vibrator, donated by yours truly! I won this toy a few months back in a competition, but it is UNUSED. Crush hates vibrations, so this toy is not for us. Since we’ve never used it and we will never use it, I’m donating it. After all, it costs a penny or two and I’ve heard good things about it, so it’d be sad for it to go to waste. Plus, purple.

Hungry for Love

A digital copy of Coming Together‘s zombie-themed erotic anthology Hungry for Love! Featuring my first ever published erotic fiction Last Man on Earth as well as 16 other stories by some incredibly talented authors. All are themed around zombies and all involve some awesome sexiness. Some even have both at once! With, y’know, zombie sex. And it works!

Tantus Splish

Tantus Splish silicone dildo, donated by Vibrator Kingdom! It’s Tantus, so you know it’s going to be awesome. They’re my favourite dildo-makers and I bloody love them. This is a harness-compatible silicone dildo that’s perfect for pegging, and impressively dual-toned. Look! So gorgeous!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Icicles No. 8 The Icicles No. 8 glass dildo, donated by Innocent Sex Toys! As anyone who owns one will tell you, glass dildos are fantastic. And just look at this one: beautiful, iridescent, blue! It’s so pretty and even more so because you can warm it up, cool it down and sterilise it for sharing! LELO Gigi The LELO Gigi luxury G-spot vibrator, donated by Bondara! A quality toy by a quality brand. The LELO Gigi (in a pastel pink) is a silicone vibrator designed to pleasure your G-spot. Everything about a LELO toy is luxurious, so I’m delighted to give one away. A Rechargeable Passion Massager wand, donated by Passion8! Who doesn’t love a good wand vibrator? This one’s wireless and rechargeable with two speeds and a body-friendly silicone head. You could even go really crazy and actually use it as a massager! Or orgasms. Those are good. Black Hand PaddleA Black Hand Paddle in Leather, donated by UberKinky! This spanking toy has a studded handle and a thong for better grip and is made from real leather. Leather, by the by, smells amazing. It’s a flexible toy that delivers a mix of thud and sting, so should suit many tastes! We-Vibe TangoThe We Vibe Tango rechargeable bullet, donated by Strawberry Blushes! When people ask me what clitoral vibe they should get, what do I recommend without fail? The Tango. It is honest-to-goodness my favourite vibrator ever. It is strong, gloriously rumbly and perfectly shaped. I am trying not to gush too much but, trust me, you NEED one. Plus, also purple.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And there’s your lot! Thank you SO much to all my giveaway prize donors and to you all for reading, sharing and entering this competition. Please help make it a success and hopefully win something to wank with! Any questions, please ask.

I look forward to drawing the winners on the 3rd of December (giveaway closes the day before, sorry to anyone who doesn’t understand times in EST, neither do I). Enjoy! ♦

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