Aural Sex

♦ I’ve got a bit of a complicated relationship with the idea of performing anything I’ve written aloud. I used to be very good at elocution and Bible reading (how times have changed) when I was a child, but since then it’s been a bit downhill. I’m deeply aware that my accent is probably far more suited to auctioning traactorrrrrs than making anyone hard or wet and I’m also terrified. I get embarrassed and nervous-giggly at the idea of reading something I’ve written (that’s the key) aloud.

Heck, I even get nervous-giggly and embarrassed hearing something I’ve written read aloud. But, as I’ve learned, that one is in a good way.

Or it is when the delectable PlumptiousPea is involved.

If you haven’t heard of this lovely lady, your ears probably hate you. She has one of the sexiest voices there is. Your ears deserve her, so I suggest you go check her out. In fact, I may well have some suggestions… ;)

One of the first recordings Pea released on her SoundCloud was of perhaps my favourite poem I’ve yet written: Make Me. I think this poem speaks to directly to my cunt and heart more than any other I’ve written, so it was absolutely wonderful to hear it recorded so well and so sexily. PlumptiousPea’s breathy voice really brings it alive and I highly suggest you check out her recording here.

When she then asked to record perhaps my favourite story I’ve yet written, The Swinging Tree, resistance was futile. I knew she’d do a wonderful job and I was so excited and wriggly to think about hearing it spoken aloud. And she nailed it! She treated my little baby so well. Sexy, subtle and intimate. It was uploaded recently and if you haven’t had a chance to check it out part one is here and part two is here. She’s just getting confident with longer recordings, so be sure to lend your support.

I can’t possibly thank Pea enough for making these wonderful, sensual, decadent, sexy recordings of my little snippets of erotica, but I hope that sharing them with you all has gone some way towards that thanks. I love them and I think anyone who enjoys my erotica (or indeed anyone who enjoys aural sex) will love them too. They make me wriggly and happy and shy-in-a-good-way and proud as all get-out. Squee!

Anyway, I guess this post is just to say thanks to PlumptiousPea and to you to say: “Hey, look how fucking cool this thing is that happened! I’m so chuffed, check it out!”

So, yeah… check it out! ♦

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