Miss Mint

♦ I’ve been spending my last few sessions of playing Dungeons & Dragons drawing things and colouring in on the side. The drawing below is one of those things and I’m actually pretty proud of it. I based the pose off a pose in a photograph on the Internet (possibly of Dita von Teese? I don’t recall) because there is no way I’m good enough at anatomy to draw it without reference. I invented frilly French knickers and the glamorous trappings of burlesque or the boudoir: long opera gloves, a corset with a pinched waist, stockings and heels…

I ummed and ahhed about what colours to use, even asking Twitter for help, but in the end a friend suggested turquoise and I ran with it. It came out as more of a mint with touches of jade, but I like it. Click the image to see the full-sized version, because the mini one really doesn’t do it justice… and do let me know what you think!

You can see more of my filthy drawings (and photographs!) here. ♦

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