Let Me Be With You

♦ I wrote this on my train journey yesterday. I’m not entirely happy with it – it’s just not as good as some of my other stuff – but I thought I’d share it nonetheless. It’s inspired by being away from the physicality of my dear Crush, even if we can still communicate. ♦

Let me be with you

Let me run my palm over your shorn head
And squeeze your hand as we walk
And breathe the warmth of the crook of your neck
And press my lips against yours

Let me drag my claws down your flank
And run my tongue up your jaw
And pinch your nipple in mischief
And inhale the musk of your crotch

Let me suck your cock and clutch your arse
Let me buck under your hips and writhe and pulse
Until you spill yourself, groaning, into my aching cunt
And fall panting on my damp skin

Let me mop your brow
And kiss your mouth

And let me be with you

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