Review – Tantus Max O2

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free Tantus Max O2 by Lovehoney in exchange for my honest review. Click pictures to embiggen.

♦ The Tantus Max O2 by Tantus is a large realistic dildo made by one of my favourite toy manufacturers. It’s a dildo with balls that features dual densities of silicone and a large base suitable for a harness. It’s currently the largest dildo I own and the first dildo I’ve ever owned with balls.

The packaging for Max is the usual Tantus kind: a clear plastic box with red details and product information, inside which sits the dildo in a plastic clamshell. This is about the second or third time a Tantus box has split on me and it is also a bit big, so I now keep my Max in a Lovehoney Satin Drawstring Toy Bag (yes, it fits, these things are awesome).

(UPDATED since 18th June) My Tantus Max came in black, which is not a colour Lovehoney originally intended to stock. They were going to stick to the cream version. However, following my tweet to Lovehoney telling them how much we all like the black version, they’ve decided to stock it in black after all! Hooray! The cream is nice, but I do very much love the black. It’s a sleek colour that really makes the dildo more stylish. It looks fantastic.

The Max itself is a bit of a monster. In a good way. At around eight inches insertable and 1.9 inches diameter, it’s not for the faint-hearted (or the timid vagina). It’s one of those toys where again I didn’t really have an idea of the size until it arrived. So let me say this: pretty damn big.

I can take the Max without warm-up, yes, but it’s easier with one and I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the no-warm-up route for everyone. The fact that it is made from O2 silicone, and so is squishier than firm single-density silicone, means that it’s easier to handle than if it were entirely firm, but it’s still fairly solid.

As I say, the dildo is made from Tantus’ O2 silicone, which essentially means (aside from it being body-safe and sterilisable) that it has a firm core of normal Tantus silicone that is covered by a varying-thickness layer of “super soft” silicone, giving a dual density effect. This means that the dildo has a similar hard-yet-soft feel to a flesh and blood penis, which makes it more realistic and a lot of fun. The Max, as I say, is actually pretty firm and the softer layer is quite thin. The head and the balls of the Max are entirely made out of super soft silicone, making them very squeezable. The Tantus Max O2 is also dual texture, with a matte shaft and balls and a glossy head, but it’s not something I really notice in use.

It’s a realistic design, other than the size, but a fairly simple one. Straight up and down, no mucking about, but there are some careful little details that really make it stand out. There is mild just-for-show veining on the shaft and the frenulum of the Max is wonderfully detailed. Heck, the balls are even slightly uneven.

The sad part is that because the Max is so big and long, I can’t feel the balls slap against me as I’d like. And I would like. But, they do make for a great handle for thrusting, especially if you use it upside-down, and since it’s so straight, which way up it is doesn’t really seem to matter to me. On the plus side regarding its size, the extra length does make the Max very easy to manipulate and gives plenty of scope for decent thrusting.

It feels fucking fantastic. Seriously. I didn’t think I was a size queen and I do appreciate smaller dildos still, of course, but the Tantus Max O2 is an experience. I love it and I’m not entirely certain how to describe it. It’s intense and it’s not something I’d necessarily go for all the time, but it does what it does very well. As I say, the shape is great but fairly basic, so I think it’s the combination of size and material that really makes it work. It is big but comfortable, fills you up and opens you up, but without leaving you feeling stretched.

It does very well at both thrusting and just hanging out in your vagina. For hanging out, it’s big and squishy enough to enjoyably squeeze around. Plus, silicone transmits vibrations very well if you want to press a massage wand against the base (I love this). For thrusting, it’s big, but very smooth and straight and fairly uniform, so it’s quite easy to pump with. I find that you notice the edge of the head as I move it back and forth, so sensitive people might want to watch for that. It’s also the hardest bit to insert at first.

The Max is straight, so it doesn’t really excel at the g-spot, but what it does amazingly at is providing all-over feelings to the whole of my vagina, making it all ripple with pleasure. I also love that the girth and length mean I can really push it to the back of my pussy, up by the A-spot (anterior fornix) and cervix. I absolutely love the intense feeling between pleasure and almost-pain that I get from pushing as far into myself as I can go. The ache alone is almost enough to make me come.

Though I have no partner for strap-on play, I have tried the Max out in a harness as its base is compatible for that. It sits pretty nicely given how heavy it is and I was impressed that it doesn’t point significantly low. I like my ‘cocks’ perky. Obviously, this will depend on your harness and O-ring (you’ll need a large one), but mine is nothing special and the Max holds itself well in it. The Max makes for a satisfying, if a bit excessive ‘cock’ for me, however the edge of the base around the bottom of the balls is quite pointy and cuts into my large thighs when sitting down, which is a bit uncomfortable.


The Tantus Max O2 is a blimmin’ fantastic dildo. Like most Tantus toys, it leaves me fairly speechless in trying to tell you just how good it is. It’s a simple design that looks great and works brilliantly. It’s body-safe, sterilisable, harness-compatible, anal-safe (if you’re bold), great quality and it’s a very, very reasonable price for the sheer amount of platinum silicone you’re getting, especially given the dual-density and dual-texture. It’s big and you shouldn’t under-estimate that, but if you can handle the size, you’ll love it. It feels amazing. Big, squishy, firm, sensual, simple. It fills you up and stimulates like crazy, especially if you like girth and length. The only negatives I can think of are trifling.

If the Tantus Max O2 tempts you, and it comes highly recommended by me, then you can grab one now from Lovehoney. ♦

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