Red, White and Blue

♦ I’m British and quite like being so. Overzealous American toy companies occasionally don’t realise this and offer me review items only to shy away in horror at the thought of transatlantic shipping. But if it wasn’t obvious before, it will be now. British.

Please don’t ever call me English, though. After all, England may not believe Cornwall is a real country (though it has as much right, identity and history to be one as Wales, for example) and you may not either, but there’s no harm letting me identify as Cornish and British and Not English. After all, if I don’t get to be Cornish, I’m at least going to try for Adopted Welsh. I’m a fellow Celt after all.

Britain, though, is fantastic. OK, so there’s a bit of an assumption that it’s all basically England (not just from foreigners I might add, the recent Ann Summers I Scream fiasco claimed to be “across the UK” and actually purely visited English cities), but I’m fairly proud of being British and the things Britain has achieved and its history. There’s good and bad, obviously, but what country doesn’t have that?

So, although I actually couldn’t give a shit about the blimmin’ Queen and the monarchy (they’re a glorified tourist attraction, a big hole down which taxes are poured and largely a bunch of cocks, as well as making us look woefully out of touch), I’m glad to go all out on the red, white and blue front for this week’s Sinful Sunday. Plus, our flag is totally sexy.

And remember: the sun will never set on the British Empire. Because God doesn’t trust the British in the dark. ;) ♦

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