Review – YESforLOV Sense Me Sensual Gift Set

♦ Disclaimer: I was provided with a free Sense Me Sensual Gift Set (containing a YESforLOV Black Satin Blindfold and a YESforLOV Caressing Feather) by Vibrator Kingdom in exchange for my honest review. Your Mileage May Vary.

Vibrator Kingdom are a thoughtful lot! Since my name is Blacksilk, they said, how about reviewing some black satin? What VK have done here is take the YESforLOV Black Satin Blindfold (£9.99) and the YESforLOV Caressing Feather (£9.99) and combined them into a Sense Me Sensual Gift Set of the two for £17.49. The idea is that you’ll get two items that complement each other for a lower price.


The YESforLOV Black Satin Blindfold is a very long (over four feet), 2.75″ wide strip of double-thickness black satin printed with the gold YESforLOV logo on each end. It is to be placed around the eyes and tied in a bow or knot at the back of the head. What’s nice about it is that, since it is long and sturdy, it can actually double up as a tie for your lover’s hands if you fancied some sensual, light bondage, which makes it pretty versatile.

The satin is a lovely material, glossy, soft and cool and very sensual, while the black is a classic colour. It feels very comfortable and luxurious on the skin and is clearly high-quality. It is certainly sensual, but where it falls down somewhat is in function.

Like most blindfolds that are a simple ‘ribbon’ style, the nose bridge is the issue. Even pulled down fairly low, you can see out through gap created by your nose; pull down any further and you’ll see out of the top. What’s more, if the room is brightly lit, you’re actually able to partially see through the blindfold to see silhouettes. In good light, I was able to count how many fingers.

It’s not a damning blow. Some people don’t actually mind if their blindfolds aren’t watertight, letting the concept of blindfoldiness do the work, some even prefer a teasing gap. If you’re looking for something functional, this might not be for you, but for a certain kind of tease, it’s great. It depends on your tastes.


The YESforLOV Caressing Feather is a fluff of soft marabou feathers on a stick made from black plastic, stamped with the gold YESforLOV logo. It is designed to be swept and tickled over the skin to titillate. The whole brush, including feathers, is only eight inches long (half stick, half feathers), so easy to travel with or store.

The Caressing Feather came with a little sleeve of clear plastic over the feathers, which you’ll probably want to keep as it protects the feathers and will help stop them getting ratty. I’d also suggest you be careful of getting the feathers damp with lube or what have you.

I love this. I’ve had a feather stick before, but it was made from cheap feather-boa-style feathers and reminded me all too much of a feather duster. This one is different. It’s soft and sensual and made me tingle and shiver far more than I expected. It feels particularly good on the obvious areas, but also my spine and thighs. It really does caress rather than tickle.

The sensations can be varied by only using the very tip or by using the whole set of feathers, by moving slow or fast, by straight lines or little wiggles, smooth or skipping. It turned me on more than I expected and was a fantastic sensation.


The Sense Me Sensual Gift Set‘s combination of blindfold and feather works very well and provides for a sensual, teasing time between a couple or more. The combination of being blindfolded and a sensory toy is a great idea as losing one sense (your sight) heightens all your others, leaving you more susceptible to the caress of the feathers. I actually wrote a post here on the blog about what happened when Crush and I used the Sense Me set together, which will show you how great a combination the items in it are.

The blindfold could perhaps do with a bit of concealed wire on the nose bridge to stop peeking and could perhaps be a bit thicker, but it is comfy and silky and sexy. If you want a more functional blindfold, perhaps look elsewhere, but for a light-hearted and sensual one, this is lovely. The feather is practically flawless, however.

As a package, the set is great and its items work very well together to help create a particular mood. You can pick up your Sense Me Sensual Gift Set up from Vibrator Kingdom now. ♦

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