Review – Sportsheets Sedeux Latigo Leather Harness

♦ Disclaimer: I was provided with a free Sportsheets Sedeux Latigo Leather Harness by Sex Toys UK in exchange for my honest review. Your Mileage May Vary.

The Latigo Leather is made by Sportsheets, specifically their sub-brand of Sedeux, which is focused on strap-on sex. It comes in an interesting but unsubtle card box, featuring a lingerie-clad blonde lady on two sides. The back has some product information and a surprisingly helpful few pictures with instructions for how to get it on (the harness, I mean, ahem). I have no real idea why the box is so what I would describe as ‘wibbly’, but it makes it a little annoying to store.

The Latigo Leather is a fairly basic harness with a pretty basic look: hardly gorgeous, but not ugly. Functional, is perhaps the term. There’s no jazzing it up here. It’s a four-way strap jockstrap-style harness (as oppose to a three-strap thong style), which means that two of the straps go around your hips like a belt and from these come two more straps which come down and around the back of your legs. These four straps then attach to an O-ring which, for the Latigo Leather harness, is held over a leather pad that forms a barrier between your pubic mound and the dildo. There are two reasons to perhaps prefer jockstrap-style to thong-style. Firstly, jockstrap-style may give the wearer more control over the harness’s movement. Secondly, there is no strap going between the legs in the way that a thong does, which means that you can actually access your vagina while wearing it. Always handy.

The harness fits hips up to 60″ (152cm), which is pretty large. For those of you not so au fait with measurements (like me), I’m around a UK size 18-20 and it fits me just fine with plenty of wiggle room left over. Obviously if you’re smaller, you’re going to have a fair bit of excess webbing, which could get annoying, but for me I like that it fits us bigger girls. Nice and inclusive.

Where size is a problem, on the other hand, is in the O-ring department. There’s only one that comes with the harness, a 1.5″ one. Sure, you can switch the ring out, but you’ll have to buy any other sizes separately, which is annoying. If you have one or two faithful 1.5″ dildos, it might not be a problem for you, but I only have half a dozen flared-base dildos and I still have ones both bigger and smaller than 1.5″. It would be much better if it came with other O-ring sizes like its sister the Vibrating Velvet Harness does.


So, the Latigo Leather is fairly easy to put on and to use. You step into the straps as if putting on underwear and then pull it up to sit on the right part of you. Once there, you adjust the tightness until it’s nice and snug by pulling the straps through ladder locks (basically the tighteners you get on backpack straps). It’s pretty easy to do.

What about inserting the dildo? Well, turns out actually you should have done that first. Because of the set-up on the Latigo Leather, changing the harness while it’s on is a real bitch. Let me explain. The O-ring attaches to the straps by a popper on the end of each strap, which loops through the O-ring and snaps closed. Easy enough? Not quite. It actually fastens backwards from what you’d expect, with the strap coming over the O-ring, through and under, not the other way around. This makes closing the poppers pretty fiddly.

It’s even harder to open the poppers, because they’re pretty tough and there’s only the smallest bit of excess strapping on them, meaning there’s nothing to pull on and no way to easily grab and open the poppers. I’ve found that you can change dildos in the strap-on with only having to undo one popper if you’re lucky, but it’s not easy or graceful and if you have a spare O-ring you want to switch to, you’ll need to do all four. For this reason, the Latigo Leather is really not suited to switching cocks during play (imagine with lubey hands!) or even really during foreplay. Your partner is not going to be wowed by you clumsily fiddling with this thing. If you like to switch cocks during play, it’s not for you.

It’s not exactly the most comfortable harness, either. OK, so I have little to compare it to, but it can’t be. It has a tendency to sit much lower on my crotch than I’d prefer and the leg straps have a tendency to slip down my legs and all out of place when I move. The only real way to combat these things is to pull all the straps, particularly the leg ones, pretty damn tight. And they’re thin nylon (again, think backpacks) straps, so this is NOT all that comfy. They don’t cut in or chafe me, as such, and they don’t hurt, but after a little while I notice red marks where they’ve been pressing on my legs and I get the desire to take the harness off ASAP. If you’re going for long sessions, this mightn’t be the best choice for you. That said, when it’s tightened up, the Latigo Leather is fairly snug and secure, so that’s good. It certainly bore the brunt of my weight wanging about back and forth!

One thing I really do like about the Latigo Leather is, well, the latigo leather. The leather pad is slightly stiff, which is great as it provides an extra bit of stability, though I find my dildos do still hang way lower than I’d like. I’m not sure if this is the rubber (and therefore stretchy) O-ring, the straps, the pad or what, but I’d like my cocks a little perkier. It certainly needs dildos with more upswing. The leather is good, though. The Vibrating Velvet’s pad is made of, duh, velvet and bunches up really unsexily and stupidly on my crotch, which I hate. The stiffness of the leather pad on the Latigo Leather means that this doesn’t happen at all, making it look a lot better than the velvet in use. That said, I do think the edges of the leather could have been finished a little nicer as it does just look like they cut it out with scissors and stopped there.


Look, the Sportsheets Sedeux Latigo Leather Harness is not exactly the finest harness out there, but it’s £28.95, what do you want? What I mean to say is, if you were after a really nice harness, you would have to pay really-nice-harness prices. The Latigo Leather is a basic, affordable harness which does the job, but doesn’t do it amazingly well. That said, I’m pretty pleased with mine. Sure, it’s not perfect, but it’s very good for the price and it’s something to work from. Harnesses can be pretty expensive, which makes this one a great starter.

It has some issues. The nylon straps dig in or slip, the whole thing sits too low and too floppy. I find the fact that it only comes with one O-ring pretty daft and I don’t really understand it.  But it looks fine and it works fine and the leather pad is much nicer than a velvet one. Plus, it fits larger bodies and the jockstrap-style is by far the superior of the two. If you want comfort, finesse or luxury, go elsewhere. If you want to explore harnesses but don’t want to push the boat out, this might suit. If you think it will, you can pick one up at Sex Toys UK now. ♦

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