Little Chickadee – Easter Perversion

♦ I readily admit that inspiration for this Sinful Sunday competition didn’t hit me quite as easily as the last time. Easter is a holiday that’s never been hugely important to me, partly because I’m not religious and partly because now that I am an adult I can buy myself large amounts of chocolate whenever I want. Being able to eat chocolate for breakfast everyday, if I wanted, sort of takes the fun out of Easter eggs.

So, on a little shopping trip on Good Friday, I figured I’d just keep an eye out for “cheap Easter tat” and see if I could find anything that’d work. I found these six adorable, colourful little chickadees that really take me back to my childhood in so many ways. That’s the Easter part sorted, but what about the perversion, you say?

Well, what on Earth do you think my other hand is doing..? ♦

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