Changing Rooms

♦ Just a little update today because I’ve tons of things to do at the moment. Here’s a quick snapshot of me from yesterday. I went out to the shops as I’ve lost a lot of weight lately and my jeans now fall down unless I’m wearing a belt. So I figured it was time to see if I could fit into the size down. And I can! Hooray!

Whilst in the changing room I noticed how my legs were looking pretty good and what a cute photo it’d probably make in my Converse, Transformers boy-pants and dinosaur tshirt. So, yes, this is me and my legs and a teasingly placed hand. Perhaps I shall have to take a dirtier changing room shot next time…

Hope you like it and it’s not too tame. Figured it was about time I showed off a part of me that wasn’t my boobs for once!  ♦

Sinful Sunday

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