Climax by Numbers

♦ I wrote this poem for the Erotic Meet competition The Big Ohhh!  to “describe an orgasm; the moment itself, in erotic or graphic detail (or both!)”. Inspiration hit at the last minute and I wrote this in around half an hour on my phone during a game of Dungeons & Dragons. I haven’t done poetry in years, but I don’t think this turned out too badly. Special Blacksilk points if you catch this poem’s secret… ♦

The moment is here. Pressure building, explosion drawing near. Rubbing, slick, slipping, quick.
My greedy clit pulling in like a black hole, sucking.
The ache coiling up in my core.
Mouth gapes, breath fills me.
Cunt tightens.
And rebuilt.
Universe breathes in…
Gasping, heart beats, pussy twitches.
My moans echo in my ear, my knees weak, legs shaking.
Climax rips me apart and puts me back atom by atom, exhilarated. New.


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