Valentine’s Evening

♦ I should have taken the day off after Valentine’s Day just to write about the sex we had that evening. Sure, it’d have been a bit frivolous, but how else was I expected to write all that up and do it justice? Well, I didn’t and I haven’t and it’s now too hazy for a write-up, but fear not. You can have a hint, at least.

We hadn’t planned anything. We don’t really do Valentine’s. We were going to have Hot Sex though. When he nipped out of the room to get me a cup of tea beforehand, I dressed up in this. And then Hot Sex occurred. And it was good.

I ran my shiny red opera gloved-hands over his torso, relishing the contours of his body transmitted through the silk touch of the fabric. I stroked his cock in those gloves and the new sensation hit him like a tsunami. We 69ed, which is new for us (though not for me) and it was beyond amazing. He tongued and fingered my clit as I pressed my face into his erection and sucked him. We moaned in flashes of red and black and when the flurry of orgasms hit, all I could do was bite into his thigh and weather it. It was frantic and romantic and that now-cold cup of tea came handy to calm down with afterwards.

And then we nerded out on Pointless for the rest of the evening.  ♦

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