A Little Spanking Can Go A Long Way

♦ Crush owed me. It’s a twisted sort of reasoning really, but that’s what it seemed. He owed me a spanking and though it was something he was supposed to be ‘inflicting’ on me, I felt short-changed when I didn’t get it.

When I’d asked him if we could make spanking a regular activity, he readily agreed. I wanted to be spanked every day. I’m not even sure why. Of course, there are some very obvious good reasons for it, but those reasons were always there. Now it just seemed like the want for it clicked into place.

I hadn’t wanted it before. Now I did.

Either way, you can hear about it in this tale of our regular spanking trials, but for now all you need to know is this: strange though it was, since Crush had agreed to spank me and hadn’t, he owed me. Twenty-one spanks, in fact.

We’d left it until late again. That’s what had stopped him from doing it yesterday. He’d just been too tired to lift his head, let alone his spanking arm, repeatedly. But I wasn’t going to let it slide this time. Two days missed was unthinkable in this early stage of our experiment. Otherwise we’d find it harder and harder to fit it, easier to ignore. It’d run out of steam. I didn’t want that.

I insisted. I told him he could make it quick and we’d get right to bed.

So he did. He really did. I’m not sure I’ve ever been spanked that harshly before. Of course, pain is fleeting. It’s one of those things that’s hard to remember, a sensation you can’t quite grasp when you’re not right in the middle of it, at least, not in its entirety. But nonetheless, I couldn’t remember anything like it. He was harsh. He hit me with ferocity, with force. I held on for dear life over his knee, head dangling off the end of the bed. I tried to count, but I lost it somewhere around ten. All I could do was hold on until it was over. It was more than I could take, but I took it and, of course, I loved it.

When we were done, he was still speaking in his dominating tone to me. He didn’t just drop it and roll over, he kept that low note in his voice, his language changed to one that hinted of roughness and retribution. I told him that for someone who had to be cajoled into it, he seemed to be keeping it up a lot longer than he needed to. He claimed he was a method actor. Bollocks to that. But the result was the same either way: a rumble in his voice and a tingle in my core.

I took my clothes off, ready for bed. I should have known boobs were a bad idea.

As I lay down, Crush leapt on my breasts, kissing and sucking my nipples, pinching hard and making me gasp and moan. He assaulted them as he had my behind. His kisses were pillages and his touch was taking.

He squeezed my breasts hard and then turned his attention to my mouth. We kissed. As he pulled away, his hand snuck down between my legs, the other grasping my throat firmly. He started to stroke my clitoris, talking about making me come and watching me moan and writhe. He knelt over me, a slight downward pressure on my throat. He felt good on my clit and I thought to myself that the only thing that would make it perfect would be if I could have his fucking hot cock in my mouth.

He is a mind reader.

Crush knelt closer and put his cockhead to my lips. I opened my mouth greedily and took as much of him as I could. Sadly, the angle meant that was only really the tip of his erection, but I was thrilled to get any of that gorgeous length. I love his cock.

As he touched me and trapped me, I sucked what I could of his cock. I rolled it around my mouth, I kissed it. I licked it, I slurped it. His fingers worked a slow magic on my clit. He’d make me come if I gave him time, but it was late and I was greedy. And I wasn’t sure. I know my clitoris so well, so I asked if I could make myself come while I sucked him.

Crush made me beg and I did.

Soon I had my fingers on my pussy and my orgasm was much more certain. The problem was to time it just right. I still had a cold, you see, so I couldn’t just suck on Crush’s cock to my heart’s content. I have to breathe too, it seems. But I wanted to make sure I had my mouth wrapped around his cock while I came, so my breathing and climax had to work just right. It took longer than it otherwise would have because of that, but soon I was orgasming to the touch of my fingertips, his hand still keeping me held by the throat and his cock firmly in my mouth as I moaned around him.

In my post-orgasmic bliss he took himself from my mouth and pulled my legs around so that he could fuck me. He slid inside me and I groaned as we began to fuck. Our bodies wriggled together in the lamplight and our moans and pants and grunts filled the air. I found myself reaching a second peak sooner than I’d expected and heard Crush’s breathing change too. We were both going to come.

And we did. We pulsed and cried out and both of us were focused on our own pleasure while at the same time being drawn closer and tighter to each other, climaxing as one unit and two distinct bodies at once.

Tiredness hit. We caressed and drew up the duvet. Sleep soon took us.

But it just goes to show, a little spanking can go a long way. ♦

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