2011 – A Blog Retrospective

♦ The first half of the year I was nowhere to be seen, Blacksilk-wise. I’d gone through some tough stuff over the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011 that kept me away from blogging and was generally filling up my life. I won’t bang on about it, but it’s here if you’re interested. The blog was just another burden at that time and I couldn’t deal with it on top of everything else. But, as summer started to roll around, thoughts of my blog nagged at me. I never really meant to leave. I never wanted to be one of the many sex blogs that starts but, ahem, just can’t keep it up. I wanted to write about sex. To be honest, I felt like less of me without it. My life without the sex blogosphere and all of you lovely lot was feeling rather meh and severely under-kinked.

I began to think more and more of getting back into the blog and exactly one year after my last post of 2010, I did so. And I haven’t quit yet. My first real back-to-blogging post was a lovely bit of gender-fuckery with my packing cock. The blog has, at least in my eyes, gone from strength to strength since then. I hope you’ll agree. I wrote about Disney and how they made my childhood kinky before I even knew it (and I still have to write the rest). I wrote, not long before Steve Jobs died actually, a rant about censorship on Apple products and the freedom to access adult content. I wrote perhaps my sexiest post of the year about my shower masturbation session.

Crush hit the switch and made me turn dominant,  but later collared me for my trouble. You saw him naked for the first time too, which seemed to go down well. And we can’t possibly, possibly forget the time Crush lost at strip-Quarriors (a geek card game) and proceeding to give me a full-on, dinosaur-pastie-wearing, sizzling striptease. Actually, that still might well be my Moment of 2011. Just wow. I won’t fill this post up with sentiment and sop, but what a wonder he’s been the last year.

I’ve taken more filthy photos than ever this year, everything on this page from From the Archives to Birthday Bronze, and I’ve been incredibly proud about doing it. I’ve lost well over a stone this year (even including the fattening Christmas period), so go me! But even without I’ve learned to be more accepting of my size and my various wibbly bits. And you’ve all been wonderful encouragement, so thank you.

I’ve shared two sexy drawings with you, Tied Tomboy and the recent Dirty Debutante and I’ve started getting into writing erotic fiction. My first real piece was King of Hearts, a teaser tale of lesbian lusts, and A Read to Remember soon followed, a story of sex among the books and boxes in an old attic. Fiction is tough, but I’m definitely going to keep it up and I’ve already got a few things in the mix for 2012.

I’ve gotten back into sex toy reviews this year too, reviewing several different toys and one book for both Sex Toys UK and Lovehoney. It’s been a pleasure every time. More importantly, my reviews have really improved and I kinda dread looking back at the few I did in the past. These days I have a much better knowledge of materials, uses, cleaning, storage, everything! And I’m not afraid to rant when something is dangerous or just awful. I also started submitting reviews to Pleasurists and became a Certified Real Sex Toy Reviewer with Real Sex Toy Reviews.

Community-wise, the last year has been huge for me too. I participated for the first time in e[lust] (where I eventually made the Top Three!), Wanton Wednesday and Sinful Sunday and I’ve really enjoyed it every single time. The feel of community in each is wonderful and I’d really like to thank both Lilly and Molly for making them possible. I went to Erotica and saw some wonderful cabaret, I stole Yummy‘s wonderful idea and had some very gorgeous people send me sexy photos for my birthday and I was ecstatic to manage to get back into the Top 100 Sex Bloggers list after only six months of being back at blogging. I made a very respectable 73rd place, given my absence.

I also made some lovely blog-friends and grew closer to other ones. There’s too many of you to mention you all here, but if you’re reading this far the chances are good that you’re one of them. And if not, then you should check out my blogroll in the sidebar where you can find a lot of them (but not all of them, do need to update that!) wallowing. To all my new and old blog-friends, thank you very much for a wonderful year of blogging and tweeting and I hope to get to know you all better (and maybe meet some of you!) soon.

2011 hasn’t been perfect, of course, and there have been big downs as well as big ups, but that’s life. I’d rather a rollercoaster than the doldrums. All in all, for Blacksilk and her blog it has been a pretty productive and pretty wonderful year. Here’s to you all for reading, commenting and chatting, to Crush for loving me and to 2012 for being a wonderful year to come! ♦

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