Review – Doc Johnson 10x Power Bullet

♦ Disclaimer: I was provided with a free Doc Johnson 10x Power Bullet by Lovehoney in exchange for my fair and honest review. My opinions are my own and Your Mileage May Vary.

The 10x Power Bullet by Doc Johnson comes packaged in a simple clear plastic clamshell with a fairly vibrant, but not tacky, cardboard insert. It is easy to see what you’re getting, but does not lend itself particularly to be given as a gift. The front of the packaging states it is phthalate-free, water-proof and “velvet touch” and the back tells us it requires 2 AAA batteries which, sadly, are not included.

The 10x Power Bullet is made from ABS plastic (making it body-safe) with a soft finish that gives it a pleasant, silky feel. It consists of a bulbous bullet attached to a two-button controller by 24″ of plastic-coated wire. This is where I feel that Lovehoney, not the packaging of the product itself, is slightly misleading as they refer to the toy as the “Doc Johnson 10 Function Remote Control Bullet Vibrator”. They do go on to say “with a wired remote control” in the description, but I think most people understand “remote control” to mean wireless. I certainly do, so do make note of that. The product description also boasts of the wire being “an impressive” 24 inches for “long-reaching pleasure”, but the length isn’t all that much to boast of. In fact, it pretty much just means that with the business end on my clitoris, the controller can be fairly comfortably used at about chest height, which is less “impressive” and more “normal”.

The  bullet itself is around 2″ long and has a maximum diameter of an inch, while the controller is about 3″ in length and rests very ergonomically in the hand. It has two buttons, “10” to change modes and “ON/OFF” to turn it on and off, which is very handy as you wouldn’t want to switch through potentially nine modes of buzzing in order to turn it off in a hurry. The controller also has a little red LED on it that reflects the buzz or pulse of the vibrator, which is great.

But, on to the important stuff, how does it feel? Is it any good? Does it do what it claims it will do? Well, the blurb on the back of the box markets the 10x Power Bullet (already implying strong vibrations with its name) as “just what you need for blast off”, “mind-blowing” and as having “10x the power”. Meanwhile, the product description on Lovehoney claims it is “unassuming and extremely powerful”, “intensely pleasurable” and delivers “super-strong orgasms” with its “strong vibrating speeds” and “powerful vibrations”. So, basically, what with the name and these phrases, it’s pretty clear that this vibe is being marketed based heavily on it being a powerful bullet with strong vibrations, right?

Well, sadly that’s a problem. As I always say, Your Mileage May Very, but for me I found the 10x Power Bullet weak as all hell. For a toy seemingly sold on its power, it was incredibly disappointing. Heck, even without that, it was disappointing. The first speed of the vibrator is a fairly respectable level of power for the lowest speed of a bullet vibrator, but the problem is that the second and third speeds don’t add significantly to that level at all. All that happens when you progress to the medium and ‘high’ vibration speeds is it gets louder and buzzier (I say louder, but should note that it’s actually a pretty damned discreet, which is a huge plus point if you’re worried about housemates or what have you, so that’s good). It doesn’t actually get stronger or better.

Sure, it makes me come (when used on my clitoris: internally it does big fat nothing), just about, but to get there I have to go through ALL the different pulse modes and trudge my way to climax. Admittedly that makes it a good toy for variety (since you take a tour of the different patterns) but it takes forever and is not that exciting. There’s just not enough power for me and whilst I like power I wouldn’t exactly say I’m a power-queen. That said, if you like a slow tease or toys with weaker vibrations, you might love this. I just don’t think it should be pimped based on a strength it doesn’t have.

The shape of the bullet part probably doesn’t help. It does nothing for me and it’s like it can’t decide whether to be a rounded head or a focused point. The point of the bulbous bullet is not pointy enough to allow for pinpoint vibrations, but not flat enough to give an all-over buzz, leaving me using it on its side to get what I want. And, whilst the shape is also aesthetically unusual, it’s not particularly pleasing.

What is pleasing is the variety and quality of the 10x Power Bullet’s ten different functions. The speeds are awful, but the patterns are genuinely good. They are as follows:

1 – Low buzz
2 – Medium buzz
3 – ‘High’ buzz
4 – Continuous rising scales
5 – Quick pulse
6 – Super quick pulse
7 – Rising scale followed by four pulses
8 – Quick pulse, super quick pulse then two long buzzes
9 – Rising scale followed by  long continuous buzz
10 – Scale from ultra-short pulses through longer pulses until a long buzz

I also made a video showing you the ten different functions:

The seven vibration pattern modes are all fairly varied and actually really nice. In fact, I rather love them as they’re much more sensible and arousing than on the other patterned vibration toys I’ve tried. They are really very well-designed, with a good mixture of tease and please and there’s just something about the patterns that makes them sexy in and of themselves. They have been well thought-out to provide satisfaction. It’s just such a shame, therefore, that they don’t have the strength to back it up. But, again, if power isn’t an issue for you and you like vibrators with good patterns, this might be the toy for you.

The other big selling point of the 10x Power Bullet, other than its supposed power, is that it is waterproof and can thereby be used in the shower or bath. I tested this out and it certainly did work perfectly well underwater and didn’t appear to suffer any problems when submerged fully. One thing that I really liked was that the controller floats, which I think is pretty handy just in case you drop it in the bath and means it’s a lot easier to find. However, when I opened the battery compartment after removing it from the bath and drying off the outside, I did notice half a dozen small droplets on the inside of the compartment, which could potentially cause the toy to short.


The Doc Johnson 10x Power Bullet is disappointingly weak for a toy with a main selling point of power and satisfaction. Personally, for me, a girl with a moderate love of stronger vibrations, it was far too weak but I did very much enjoy its arousing range of patterns. If it only had a bit of a kick, I might’ve really liked this toy. As it is, you can get much stronger clitoral vibrators for cheaper elsewhere on Lovehoney. The waterproofing is a plus point, but I was concerned by the small droplets somehow entering the battery compartment.

It is body-safe and easy to clean but ultimately nothing special. It lacks any real aspect to make it stand out from the crowd and fails on the power it claims to provide. If you love weaker vibrations you may enjoy this toy, but otherwise I would not recommend this product. ♦

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