Hot as Hel

♦ Well, since it’s Sunday and I’m sat here touching up photos from the Halloween party I went to yesterday anyway, I thought I’d join in Sinful Sunday and make it my first ever!

So, here’s a picture of my cleavage, Halloween style:

The theme was “Deities”, so I went as Hel, the goddess who presides over those dead souls that don’t go to Valhalla in Norse mythology. I’ve always loved Norse mythology (it’s my favourite mythology) and I’ve always liked Loki and his daughter Hel a lot. Hel is awesome and it makes for a cool costume, so I went for it.

I based my costume of Hel on the image of her in one of the Dungeons and Dragons books called Deities and Demigods, in which they list how you can represent gods from various mythologies in a D&D game. In the book, Hel looks like this:

So, yeah, that’s roughly what I looked like! Half-dead, half-beautiful with furs and robes and skulls and a white wig and awesomeness. It was great. Hope you like the half-zombied boobs! ♦

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