Skin and Suds

♦ Less than a week ago I wrote a very sexy post (if I do say so myself, go read it if you haven’t yet) about a little masturbation session I had in my shower. I commented on my Twitter at the time that the only thing that was missing was a snapshot or two of me to go with it. Well, guess what I have for you today?

Yup, that’s little old me pre-shower followed by a during-shower shot. Now, I do have to apologise slightly for the size and quality (not of those, clearly); Crush was busy and so I had to take them myself on my phone. Next time I’m going to have to rope Crush in with my nice camera. It was quite a quest to stop the shower, dry off my hands, quickly nip out and take the photo gingerly before the lather became less gorgeous.

So, there you have it. And, by the way, I’m currently in an unusual and rather large amount of shoulder pain for some unknown reason and it’s making me a bit mopey. Why not cheer me up by leaving a lovely comment just below? As filthy as you like, mind, it’ll balance out the sudsy cleanliness. Off you pop. ♦

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