Disney for Deviants – Part 1

Or, Defiant Men in Distress

♦ If there’s one thing I learned fairly quickly and with great certainty as I became a sexual being: I love kink. I get off on BDSM and specifically I’m a subby little slut. I love being tied up, I love being used and abused. And, of course, I love seeing this sort of thing in films and books and so on too. The thing is, even before I got into BDSM or even sex or even had masturbated for the first time, I knew what I liked to see. It’s strange. I hadn’t even really started to think about sex yet except perhaps in vague terms, but still, seeing certain things resonated strongly with me in a thrilling half-romantic, half-something else way.

I didn’t know quite what I liked about it, but I knew what I liked. And one thing I liked big time, with the benefit of some added hindsight, is the delicious, gooey, defiant manliness of a guy in distress. And you know what? Disney, of all people, is really good at this. I mean really, surprisingly good. Hey, tell you what, at this point I’ll come clean and say that this post was really sparked off by my memories of one film in particular and all the rest of the references are going to be shuffled in around it.

That film? Sleeping Beauty. (Other, lesser examples of this kink: the capture of Robin Hood in Robin Hood, Phoebus’s defiance against Frollo and his capture by Clopin in the Hunchback of Notre Dame.)

My abiding memory of that film, the one that overrules everything else even after watching it in subsequent years, is of the wicked (and awesome, in both ways) Maleficent with our hero Prince Phillip at her mercy. Specifically, I’m talking about two fairly short scenes here (pictures below are links to the scenes in question, as long as YouTube plays ball).

What does it for me? In the first scene, the rope, the gag, the strong and masculine figure bound and helpless and, most importantly of all, the small amount of wriggling to get free. The second is similar, oh, sure, the chains help, but what I really like about it is the defiance in him as he struggles in vain against his bonds, the masculine force, the rebellion.

It turns out that I really like to see heroes (and if they weren’t before, this makes them a hero for me) captured and almost powerless. I say almost, because the only power they really have left is to defy their captors and rail against their captivity. To defy them, in fact, often beyond all reason. Because what Disney films generally won’t show you is the cost of their defiance. The hero is bound or held somehow, the villain gloats and makes threats, the hero recklessly struggles half-free or spits at his captor or gives a witty and defiant retort and he is struck hard by the villain or their henchmen for their insolence (I think the closest Disney ever got to this was a rare female example where Jafar threatens to backhand Jasmine for throwing wine in his face, causing her to fall to the floor. (Incidentally, I’ve seen a fair few things with the hitting part of it added, I just can’t recall any examples now. If anyone would like to recommend any, that’d be awesome. And I should clarify here that when I say the guy gets a smack for his rebellion, I don’t mean he gets the crap beaten out of him. No horrendous violence, just a wee bit of acceptable pain and a show of power.) What’s important here is that the hero doesn’t cringe or repent or acquiesce, but remains defiant, though maybe silently so, and stoic. Or perhaps he continues to struggle angrily as he’s carted away.

Either way, I love that. It’s fucking hot.

And the thing is, I’m not quite sure why. What does that make me? I’m a sub mostly, I’m supposed to enjoy me being tied up and so on. Actually, I think I’d find that scenario pretty hot with me as the plucky captive, but that’s not what I’m looking at. He’s the one being tied up, not me. And whilst I’d enjoy myself in that scenario (seriously), I don’t think that’s why I get turned on watching it. I’m pretty sure I don’t put myself in his shoes. Sure, I’m a bit into androgyny and genderfuck, I’ve been a ‘boy’ in sexplay before, I have a packing cock, but I don’t think I’m identifying with that strong masculine presence on screen. And weirdly, I’m equally sure that I’m not identifying with the evil captor either. Sure, although I sub mostly I think I’d really like to dom a strong male who was into it, but again, I don’t think that’s how I’m watching it. So, is this submissive? Dominating? Neither?

Seems like I just get turned on by watching hot guys full of bravado in captivity (I’d also love to hear from anyone else who thinks this is hot, there’s safety in numbers!). At the time I wasn’t fully aware of it, but these moments, notably in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, were the first flickerings of being turned on by bondage, dominance and submission. Hell, probably the first flickerings of being turned on by anything, actually.

Of course, what I wonder is did I always like this somewhere deep down or did watching these scenes somehow incline me to kink to it? Was it these scenes that helped mould me into the little deviant I am today or was my love of them an early symptom of my love for BDSM? Either way, this was a big thing in my early proto-sexuality. I got turned on (at first romantically, admittedly, if that makes any sense) and thrilled by these surprisingly kink-filled themes before I even knew what turned on was. They’re an important part of my sexual make-up.

And guess what? You get to hear more about them! What, you thought this was it? Oh, no, my friends, in the next part of this little series we’ll discover yet more subtle and secret Disney depravity and how it has affected and reflected my proclivities. More men in pain, more masculine deliciousness, added genderfuck, a dash of plain-old eroticism and lust and a good dose of turbulent slap-slap-kiss! ♦

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