♦ Just a short post to say I’m off at the family home for a little bit and so won’t really be posting until sometime towards the end of this week.

Absence from the blog, for a little while.

Absence from sexy fun with Crush, too. Which is news you won’t have heard yet. He’s found himself a proper girlfriend and so, naturally, the ‘with benefits’ has to be removed from our friendship. It was out of the blue and I’m going to miss that aspect of things rather a bit.

What I miss most right now though is the third absence. My trip home has had to be sans Fractal. It was a good opportunity to see his family and besides that we have animals to which he is rather badly allergic.

I miss his voice, though I hear it often on the phone. I miss his face, though I always carry a photo in my wallet. I miss warmth, though I will feel it soon and remember it well and fondly.

Fractal’s absence will not last. I’ll see him tomorrow.

But of my three absences, that’s the one that weighs heaviest on my heart

Love you, my dear sweet angel

See you soon ♦

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