HNT – Blacksilk’s Black… Nylon

♦ Because I’m worth it.

Anyway, yet another opportunity for me to get away with a little bit of exhibitionism. Here we go…


And this time it’s actually a Thursday! I’ve accidently gone and HNTed myself (Is this bad? I accidentally it :P)!

So yeah, me. In a cheapy vintagey-ish chemise thingammybob that I got from a charity shop. As long as I don’t stand near an open flame, I’m fine.

Anyhoo, unlike the first and the second, I’ve not got my tits ahhht in this one. So for globularity (which may or may not be a word) you’ll have to make do with my thighs :P

Also, I promise I’ll have tales of punishment from Fractal soon… ♦

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