Got a little Crush…

♦ I was planning to do a calendar image for this. But, well, I’ve just realised that I don’t actually have a calendar image for March in my collection, so that’s that out the window. Not that it matters, I don’t think any of you are here to find out what month it is and if you are it’s a tad late.

No, in fact I think that there are a good number of you who may have been following me on Twitter, particularly two lovely young ladies, who are rather keen to hear about a certain little transgression of mine…

Remember Crush? In January we had a tipsy New Year’s kiss. In February the sexual tension was at ridiculous levels and he seemed to be rather enjoying stringing me along.

March, though. March was very interesting…

It started well when a bit of friendly flirty banter in the usual mould led to him joking that he didn’t need to make an effort to charm me as I was a ‘mere object of his sexual desire’ and that ‘the very fact I deign to speak to one beneath me such as you should have you stripping off and jumping on me…… No, seriously.’

Of course, dommy language like that sent a nice jolt through my sex and I figured it was just a matter of time before I finally got my claws into him.

Just five days later a friend suggested some of us go out after the pub. Crush was keen to go along and I knew I had to use it as an opportunity to get somewhere. It’s not really Fractal’s thing so he sent me off with his blessing to fuck Crush if I wanted to and got the chance. I love my man :)

The club was fine, but I was still a bit shy to look him in the eye whilst dancing for too long and I wasn’t drunk/confident enough to slutdance at him. Though I did end up sat on his lap with his arm around my waist. The club turfed us all out at 2am. On the way back from the town centre I realised I’d be stupid not to try something.

“So, do you have any coffee at your house that you could theoretically invite me back for and then both of us can end up not ever drinking any?” I asked, smiling.

He grinned and asked if I wanted to come back to his. I said I did.

I’d seen his room before. It was about 3am or so by this point so the house was silent. We sat down on the bed. There was a little idle chit-chat before he lay back and looked at me.

Months ago I wouldn’t have been able to make a move even though the situation was far past the point where I had to fear rejection. Luckily I have some modicum of confidence these days.

I leant over and started to kiss him…

To be continued… ;) ♦

P.S. You can all feck off right now if you’re going to mock me for referencing a Darren Hayes song. Shut up, shut up. I don’t own any! :P

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