Androgyny – Part 1

Y Fronts and Braces

♦ So. Thursday was interesting.

It might take a bit of explaining, too. Hell, it sounds a little weird even to me and I’m the one who’s kinking on it.

Where to start?

It doesn’t help that I’ve missed blogging about pretty much any of the preludes to this, again because I wasn’t sure where to start with the explanations.

There’s a reason my avatar is a picture of me in braces. Early on in our relationship Fractal told me how he found women in men’s clothing hot. Certain aspects of women crossdressing to men. Androgyny. Obvious feminine features poorly covered in masculine trappings.

Braces pressing into the soft flesh of breasts, skimming the nipples.

I mean, I’m a fair bit of tomboy anyway (to the point that, despite obvious bosoms and so on, friends have remarked that I’m ‘not a girl’) so I certainly didn’t mind dressing up in braces. Buying them was my idea anyway, Fractal just cashed in on it.

In fact, I realised I found them pretty hot too.  Not just because I knew I was dressing up equivalent to sexy lingerie. Not just because of the reaction it got me. But also because, dammit, it actually does look and feel pretty hot. Constant nipple pressure is not to be sniffed at.

Either way, it wasn’t long before Fractal intimated to me that he liked the thought of me in men’s underwear too. Not just any men’s underwear either. His.

Getting them all filthy as I got wet. The smell of my come on his pants.

It made sense.

Then, in London, he explained to me that he’d find it ‘kinda hot’ to refer to me as a ‘dirty boy’. To mess around with the gender roles. He was so cute as he told me, too. So shy and afraid I’d find him weird and his little fantasy disgusting.

Very, very sweet.

And entirely unnecessary.

It was a surprise to me too, but I felt a thrill run through my pussy as he told me. I was already dressed in my tomboy gear. White shirt, braces, manly trousers, black tie.

At the time I remember being confused as to what I found more hot: the idea of him fucking a boy or the idea of being fucked as a boy. I still don’t know. They’re both pretty sexy.

That afternoon turned me on so much. The sex was amazing. He called me his dirty boy, pressed against me, took me.


He fucked his filthy boy and she loved it. I was pretty hooked.

I’m going to leave it there for now. The explanation is a little long and I want to publish something soon, but not to rush. So here’s the first little chunk of my tale.

I promise more deviance soon….

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