Blacksilk’s Fantasies #4 – Quick Seduction

♦ This is the fourth in a series of posts of diary entries from the little book of fantasies that Fractal and I keep. If you fancy taking a look at the earlier entries, they can be found here:

Punishment in Black, Doctors and Nurses and Tease

Fractal’s series consists, so far, of:

‘X’, Sexy-Grr! and Summer Shower

This entry was a lot shorter than most of mine, I believe I was rather busy at the time but I just wanted to give Fractal a little something to muse on. I hope you all enjoy it too. ♦

Waiting for touch

♦ You enter the room to find me lying on the bed, legs crossed, completely naked. I smile seductively at you as you enter, and shift my position slightly, in a way that shows my body off to you. “Hello, my love” I say, my voice and the look in my eyes matching the devilish smile I wear. I begin to run my hands over my skin, caressing myself until you hurry to remove your clothes, and I smile, seeing that I’m going to get what I want.

As you approach me from by my legs, I uncross them slowly, letting you come between them. You bend your head and run your tongue once, slowly, from the bottom of my labia, up and over my clitoris, my stomach and up to my breasts as you climb over me.

I wrap my legs around you, using them to caress your lower back and buttocks. My hands do the same for your shoulders and upper back, occasionally digging in as you pleasure my breasts and neck with your mouth. When we can both stand the anticipation no more, you enter me, and as we move together I suck and bite playfully at your neck until we climax. ♦

♦ The next entry, can be found here, and Fractal’s fifth is soon to come… ♦

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