In a Bind

Red Rope

♦ So, having been browsing the Net for some years now, and those recent years putting the Net to its proper use: porn, I’ve obviously come across a fair few different kinks in that time. Bondage is a good one. Rope is obviously very useful for all that. But that Japanese rope bondage business? Until now I’ve never been interested.

You’d think it’d be different, right? I mean, what with Japan being one of my ‘things’, and it being very aesthetic and all. It certainly makes for some vrey nice pictures, like the one above. But it’s always come across as being so pretentious, complicated and stuffy. If you don’t know all the lingo (probably hideously badly pronounced by most practitioners anyway) and the correct knots and all that jazz, you’re not worth the trouble.

*However*, I recently came across a few pages that changed my mind. See, what they don’t tell you is that its all really very easy. At least the basics. And that there are plenty of people who do it without all the surrounding uppitiness. These pages? They would be here, here and here.

They make it seem A) easy, B) actually useful for kinky bondage sex and not just looking pretty and ‘exotic’, and C) afforable, as the author says you can use just about any rope, not just the expensive specialist stuff, including stuff from B&Q or whatever. He has lots of tips on how to make this all not only erotic in the way the rope moves against the skin but also on how you can adapt it to actually bind your partner.

Fractal’s heard before that rope between your legs is supposed to be very good, so he reckons we’ll have to at least try the karada on me. I’ll let you know if one day we do ;)

Until then I’m off to deviantART to look up some more kinbaku porn art… ♦

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