A Peek at Blacksilk…

♦ I’m going to be both brave and vain for this blog post….

Mostly since we’re now sorely into dissertation/presentation/revision/not-enough-hours-in-the-day hell (otherwise now known as ‘the spring of our discount tents’, ten points for those who can get the parodic and real references) and due to busytude I haven’t posted anything in a while and need something quick and dirty.

So here we are.

A peek at the blogger


I’m afraid it’s gone a bit pixelly in its smaller version, but nonetheless that’s me. Yup, good old nekkid Blacksilk. The larger version (wot has a face and everyfink) was taken for my dear Fractal while I was on the wrong continent. Mmmm, braces…..

Provocative nudey pictures, now *that’s* one way to keep a long distance relationship going ;)

Fancy another peek? ♦

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